Writing versus Life – sometimes life wins

It seems the ongoing journey of Sylvia and her friends just couldn’t compete with a weekend chock full of my own adventures this time.  I’ve managed to transform our mighty 6ft fake tree into one decked out for the season, chowed down on foodage at a potluck, and did numerous other things that have made these past two days speed by at lightning speed. One of those things was not writing more for the current chapter or much of anything for that matter.

And that’s okay. Amongst all the hustle and bustle, two realizatons came to me.

The first: Writing out these past few chapters as blog entries has been a great motivator and I’m thrilled to see the story finally coming along. But there’s also something to be said for letting the creative juices to simmer a bit.  While the draft developing isn’t half bad, what I’m craving to write is chili that’s been cooking for several hours until it’s just right. What I have so far is the story equivalent of a frozen pizza; it tastes good but the cheese is mostly on one side and the pepperoni needs to be rearranged. You wouldn’t know from reading this that tonight was actually the night I gorged on a plethora of  home-cooked yummys.

Second: There are other folks who have started (or completed) stories as blog entries that I’ve been following. The one who recently finished their work is also someone who’s blog I didn’t discover until they were already nearing the finish line. Needless to say, I’m still playing catch up and it seems like a rather daunting task.  Granted, my Once is only in its 6th chapter, but there’s quite a few more to go. And what of the person who happens to stumble here when Sylvia and Obmuj near their own The End?

So, my answer to those dilemmas is one that is both certain and not. The certainty is that Sylvia will take a break from her travels during this busy and sometimes sanity testing season. The uncertainty arises when looking ahead to after New Year’s Day rings in a farewell to all things holiday. For I am thinking now that it may be better for the continuation of her story to be done outside the realm of blog land. Not that entries from her author will cease entirely, but she and her friends will certainly be taking themselves a much needed break. Perhaps even Obmuj will be able to find the time now to adorn a tree with festive happiness.

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