Who’s Julie?

I’m a North Carolina native and still proud to call the place home. recent transplant to Georgia. We have mountains to the west, beaches to the east, and plenty of woods to stroll about in the middle – not to mention the best barbeque anywhere. The only thing I know for certain right now is that there’s peaches. I would add sweet tea to that but I also possess a rather un-Southern aversion to brown sugar water. Yep, that part’s still true.

I studied animation and a plethora of seemingly more random courses during my happily misspent college days. I’m convinced I would have become a scientist of some sort if it were not for the fact that my memory is often lacking and basic math is my nemesis.

Francesca, the winking love interest of my stop-motion hamster from happily misspent college days.

All of my interests that survived initial infatuation had their first loves. For animation, it was the amazing (to me) idea of being able to tell a story with images created from clay, sketched out, or modeled in a computer. However, much like chemistry, the world of animation didn’t really love me back (or perhaps the relationship was doomed from the start). I prefer to watch stop-motion rather than create and draw well enough to earn a gold star or smiley face. This and doing a happy dance over my first bouncing ball in Maya while the kids next to me modeled the next video game hero probably should have made it clear Pixar was not meant to be on my resume.

That all being said, another interest began grabbing me by the shoulders a few years a ago. Or rather the initial one – telling stories. I have to wonder: does anyone else ever find themselves  fleshing out character conversations in their head while driving down the interstate or thinking about the ramifications of telepathic powers on society while in the shower? I’m sure at least one person read that and nodded their head. (It’s okay, you can nod – no one’s looking).

While I can’t boast what I have to share is more profound than another one’s musings, my  thoughts, rants, and characters certainly appreciate the company.  Thanks for stopping by!

Email Me at:  juliehhicks@gmail.com

7 responses to “Who’s Julie?

  1. Hello, Julie. Nice to meet you here. How serendipitous! Looking forward to face time, too.

  2. Kathryn Jenkins

    Hi, I am a fan of your blog and find it very inspiring I nominateed you for the Sunshine Blogger award the rules for the award are listed on my page copied below. I don’t no if you accept awards but won’t take offence if you choose to decline, I look forward to your next post.

    • Thanks so much for the nomination, Kathryn! I actually don’t do the award thing anymore but it still gives me a host of warm fuzzies to be nominated for one! 🙂 Unfortunately, it may be a little while before the next blog post with moving preparations still underway and TONS of things to wrap up at work still. I’m trying to decide if I wish we were already moved or if I’d rather try to stop the clock to have more time to prepare. Ah well, everything works out in the end one way or another!

  3. Kathryn Jenkins

    Hi, I nominated your blog for the super sweet blogger award.

  4. *nod, nod* – is there an Anonymous group for this? And would it be called Fleshing out character conversations in their head while driving down the interstate or thinking about the ramifications of telepathic powers on society while in the shower…Anonymous?

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