Time to take out the bookmark…

Happy New Year!

As predicted, the general hustle, bustle, and self-induced insanity that the holidays tend to bring left little time for much writing. This is the primary reason I knew a short hiatus would be needed for Sylvia and her friends.

For anyone catching my last pre-holiday post, you’ll remember I was doing serious consideration as to whether continuing this story blog style would be something that resumed in 2012. This is, after all, a rough draft in the works. This admittance  also may give a bit dark insight into the way I write: Characters have conversations or play out a scene for me at random, usually while I’m doing exciting activities such as folding laundry. Sometimes, when these conversations/scenes are interesting enough, they get scribbled down on paper or typed up. There’s usually no initial beginning or ending, as my characters like to keep me on my toes and just throw the middle at me to start with. Eventually an actual plot becomes chiseled out  as these scenes create transitions with each other and a story is born, kicking and screaming into the world.  Such was the case with my Once Upon a Time tale.

But there are two strong truths that lead me to believe continuing this story here is actually needed. The first is the fact that, until I started completing it via blog, Sylvia was left dormant and unheard from for many years since first being typed up and saved onto the computer. Actually finishing stories is the hardest part for me and I fear that if not completed at least as blog snippets, these characters will be doomed to never know the victory of  crossing the “The End” finish line. Second, I’m thrilled and somewhat amazed at the number of folks that have started following the story either by Facebook or otherwise. To all of you included in that little audience, I owe a HUGE thank you. I also realized that suddenly deciding to totally switch gears and stop the story now would be a bit a slap in the face to those that have been following along and Sylvia just wouldn’t hear of that. And so, starting next weekend, we’ll go back to our usual Sunday postings. I’m not so much afraid of people getting lost if they happen to come across the story later because I think each snippet holds its own to a certain degree. That being said, the snippets themselves will likely be a tad bit shorter at times, to hopefully make it both easier for me to write and less daunting for those reading.

Again, thanks so much for continuing to follow the adventure as it unfolds!


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