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Prepared for snowstorms, zombies, and creepy clowns.

Without my dear husband, I can safely say I’d be much less prepared for many things that fall under the category of “situations you hope will never happen but it’s good to be prepared for just in case”. One such example is the rather practical application of keeping a 48-hour bag in the car trunk with necessary goodies like food, water, and even an extra change of clothes (yes, including underwear). I admittedly gave a bit of a deaf ear to his encouragement on this until our first winter in Georgia, which also happened to include February 2014…a time which Atlanta not so fondly remembers as Snowmageddon 2014. Some may remember my post from that time, in which I was stick in traffic like this:


This actual picture was taken by another poor going nowhere soon motorist but it’s pretty much what my attempt to ride home looked like in the first hour…and the many that followed into the wee hours of the next day.

I didn’t make it home until about 12 hours later that time (not because myself and other Atlanta folk don’t know how to drive in the snow mind you but because of the sheer number of non-moving obstacles in my way…but that’s another post). After being stuck in a rental car for that long without even so much as a pack of Saltines at my disposal and then having to walk in the snow-ice mush with my flimsy office shoes…that 48-hour bag suddenly sounded like a dandy idea! So needless to say, there’s now always such a bag in my car even if it’s just a rental.


This is my actual 48 hour bag (please disregard the explosion of random crapola all around the table). Also, our cat Wobbles is apparently MOLLE-compatible.  🙂

Another topic of the “we really need to be ready for…” situations that I was initially hesitant on is also one that I thankfully don’t have a past experience encounter to share and I hope I never do – and that is what if it’s not the weather threatening my safety but another person (or persons). What if we wake up in the middle of the night because of a home invasion? What if I become the next person, like so many we’ve been hearing about on the local news here, who gets carjacked while trying to pump gas? Keeping stocked up on emergency supplies is one thing but now we’re talking self and home defense.

I’ve taken a self defense class through our church that was fun and informative but when faced with the fact that I’m just barely five-foot and my wet noodle arm muscles wouldn’t realistically help much against some thug, I gave in to my husband’s suggestion of starting to learn gun safety and getting my conceal and carry permit. Our first trip to the range a couple years involved me shooting a Glock 43 and basically castrating the zombie target I’d chosen…

The Glock 43 and I were okay friends but I just never warmed up to it as a potential conceal and carry choice. After trying different options when we went back to the range a couple times, I started to really like the revolver style for some reason. So yesterday, I attacked another scary intruder stand-in with a Smith and Wesson .38 Special for the first time…

I wish I could take credit for the head shot and two of the additional nostrils this guy got but those were admittedly my husband trying out my gun on the same target. The rest of the holes are me though and this is at least a clown who’s having a very bad day – and that’s what I want anyone threatening my life or any potential rapist to have.

I’ve found that, besides becoming educated on gun safety and other such things that come along with conceal and carry, there is also cleaning. Cleaning? Yes, all that carbon and whatnot can build up and cause problems (which would not be helpful in defending oneself). That being the case, gun cleaning is not nearly as fun as shooting zombies and clowns but it’s also one of those basic responsibility things. Below are pics from my cleaning session earlier today in all their glory…

Again, my hope is to never need to shoot anything other than a paper zombie or clown. That being said, I know as I continue to get better at shooting those guys, I’ll be more ready to defend myself against a real monster. It’s just another form of being prepared.

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