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Once Upon a Time – Chap. 51.7


Kirkaronus let the stone puzzle drop straight down to inspect his other hand, which exhibited the same transformation of his normal skin to a sickly green flesh. Though the table he stood over may have likely stopped the puzzle’s fall, Serena lunged forward and caught it in midair.

“You imbecile!” Her voice came out somehow as an actual growl, whether due to rage or her own still occurring transformation one couldn’t be sure. “You almost let this thing fall and likely shatter to pieces again!”

“But, but my hands.” Kirkaronus held them in front of her. “They’re green!”

“And so is my whole face by this point, stop whimpering like a child at me!” Serena proudly tilted her chin up, which was now not only green but also pointed and somewhat scaly. “It won’t matter one bit when we rule the whole world.”

Kirkaronus took a step back from her as what appeared to be miniature horns began sprouting from her forehead. “But that’s just it. I wanted to rule the world and be the most powerful magician ever known but I didn’t want to actually change into something else in the process.” He turned his palms toward himself and gulped as his nails grew longer while becoming black and thick. “I wanted to relax in a hammock all day and bark orders at our army of lowly minions but this is looking like I might actually start barking any minute now!”

“You’re sounding as useless as Wymer now.” Serena shoved his hands away and held up the stone puzzle. “It’s fine with me if you’re having second thoughts however, that means I’ll be the only one to rule the world then.”

“Um,” Gwendoloena made a subtle throat clearing noise as if apologizing for interrupting their back and fort banter, “not quite. You see, this change occurring isn’t only physical but you actually are becoming monsters. Just how frightening the end result will be depends on how truly greedy and vile you are as a person. But rest assured,” she shook her head at Serena’s increasingly monstrous appearance, “there may not enough of the person left by the transformation’s end to try to rule over anyone.”

“I don’t want to become a monster!” Kirkaronus leaned over the table toward her, his greenish and scaly lower lip quivering in fear. “Not a real one! I’m too handsome and important a person to become a mindless beast!”

Raynerus leaned in toward his sister. “Eh, I can’t be sure but do you think that ego heavy attitude is a actually step in the right direction?”

“It’s close enough I think.” Gwendoloena smiled warmly at Kirkaronus. “That top hat on Serena’s head knows the true condition of your hearts and is what has caused the stone puzzle to amplify not just magic, but your transformation into monsters as well.” She nodded at the bird feather still resting directly under him on the table. “But that feather there knows a few things as well and it can tell if your own motives have changed. Why don’t you go ahead and pick it up?”

“Don’t you dare!” Serena snarled at him. “It’s most likely a trick!”

Kirkaronus turned to say something to her but nearly jumped away at seeing Serena’s current state. Her skin now entirely consisted of green scales and even her hair had begun taking on a rigid form that caused the top hat to fall off. Her top teeth had collected themselves into one colossal tooth while the bottom ones became smaller jagged ones. The claws on her hands were longer than the actual fingers and her arms were apparently growing in size as her expensive silk dress began ripping in the sleeves. Kirkaronus snatched the feather up and jumped away from her in almost one single motion. “Think I’ll take my chances, thanks.”

Far from being a trick, the feather seemed to believe that Kirkaronus truly had enough of becoming a dreadful monster and wanted to forgo this whole take over the world business. Where the feather rested in his clenched fingers, the scales had already starting changing back into normal skin.

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