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Time for the next brew

This weekend we had friends stop by the condo for a quick minute and then we all piled into a car to celebrate my husband’s birthday. It was a great night but of course I went into my usual semi-neurotic mode of cleaning things up before they got here. Carpet cleaned and even treated it with one of those perfumed dirt cleaner uppers beforehand. Toilet beautiful enough to drink out of (though if you ask one of our cats, that’s always true). Tables, while not entirely spotless, were at least devoid of their usual amount of random litter. So when our friends stopped by for that quick wee moment, I felt pretty good about how the place looked – except I’d completely forgotten to remove the small plethora of empty beer bottles from the living room and kitchen and my efforts ended up presenting myself as a very tidy lush. Sigh.

While I am very much a fan of carbonated fermented yeast and hops, those bottles actually serve a much higher purpose than presenting themselves as an unintended  eyesore. You see those many bottles will, hopefully within a month or so, become glass abodes for my next home brew. (Yeaaaahhhhh! Let’s all do a happy dance! Come you, yes you – dance!)

Since my first try at home brewing yielded results that were surprisingly drinkable, I’m giving it another go! I’ll be going “by the book” again like I did with the last one as I don’t want to get too experimental until I’ve got a few successful batches under my belt but there’s definite differences already. For one, this recipe will be for german-style wheat beer rather than the simple ale I made the first time and instead of dry yeast, I’ll be using liquid yeast housed in what looks like a test tube.


And the bottles? Well, they got themselves a good scrubbing this weekend.


Soaking and getting off labels from a few commercial bottles.


Each and every one gets a good scrub with the brush and then a trip in the dishwasher.

Of course, before bottling I’ll need to brew my lovely wort and fermenting will need to take place. Unless cat vaccinations and other life requirements deem otherwise, that just might be next weekend.


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