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I promise there are no pictures of bras or underwear in this post…

I learned a few things from my last blog post. First, sometimes the beautiful words “Your post published” is a complete lie and you later find absolutely nothing published at all. I don’t blame WordPress for this, it’s merely one of those hiccup moments that’s bound to happen from time to time when technology is involved. It’s one reason I’m glad the whole flying car thing never quite panned out to be a normal part of everyday life.


Yep, this is an actual flying car…from the 1950s.The technology has existed for decades but as someone who regularly grinds their teeth in Atlanta traffic, I’m quite happy I don’t have to worry about texting drivers overhead. This particular pic shows in a lot of places online but the best source of info for inquiring minds seems to be The Smithsonian.com.

I also learned that when you frantically copy your pseudo-published post in attempt to get it to actually publish, any captions you wrote for your photos apparently don’t go along for the ride. Yet another nugget of gained knowledge is the fact that if you include a generic Victoria’s Secret lingerie photo while also mentioning you purchased something from the aforementioned retail peddler of  bras and underwear, it’s very likely readers will presume it is your delicate dainties that their eyes behold. It’s merely one of those hiccup moments that’s bound to happen from time to time when I’m allowed access to technology (and again, am very glad the whole flying car thing never panned out). I re-added a few captions to the post’s pics after my dear sister sent me a text inquiring why my near nothings had graced Facebook but alas, the damage was done. This also serves as a lesson that one should simply not post pictures of bras and underwear in the first place but I again sum that up to a combination of technological and human hiccups (along with bluntly not thinking things through) and bestow a sincere apology to everyone’s eyes.

But now that we’ve cleared the air on that little mishap, what shall rightfully follow an underthingy photo blunder on the eve of Valentine’s Day? How about one of the best movies of all time…


Even if you’ve never seen this movie, you’ve probably heard the catch phrases 1,000 times.


This movie is one of those perfect V-day flicks because its has everything you could hope for in a great story – adventure, comedy, and of course tru wuv!

It’s prime snuggle on the couch material but what’s even better is when you can see it with your sweetie and a bucket of popcorn on the big screen. Since this particular flick was released in 1987, that’s typically easier said than done but the fine folks at the Aurora Cineplex decided to do a one-night showing of The Princess Bride this past Saturday. As if that wasn’t sweet enough, they served up a free bakery treat and flowers for all us ladies (yes, just the gals…though one guy did try to beat the system and convince the theater staff that his girlfriend wanted two cookies). Romantic adventure, cookies, and a pretty flower…you had me at as you wish!


How can one say no to a heart-shaped Snickerdoodle? It’s cinnamon and sugar goodness in the shape of love! Hmm, I wonder if they’ll have chocolate covered miracle pills next year?


My lovely rose safe in its new home…which because of how I took this picture, appears to be growing out of our kitchen floor.


My lovely rose after our lovely cat Chloe discovered it while I tried to get a better picture. I initially thought she just wanted to give the poor thing a curious sniff…until a second after I took this pic and she started trying to eat it. Bad kitty – my rose!

I mentioned that this movie is a few decades away from being recent and so it pains me to know that there are many who were born before this masterpiece came out. As such, the wonder that is The Princess Bride is perhaps a visual treasure not yet experienced. I thought about doing a snappy synopsis of my own but honestly that guy who does the Honest Trailers does a much more better job via YouTube: Honest Trailers – The Princess Bride.

So whether your Valentine’s Day includes cutesy cards, sugary sweets, or cats trying to eat your flowers, may I suggest including The Princess Bride in your Hallmark holiday festivities – whether you’ve seen it 100 times or have yet to be amazed, it’s inconceivably awesome!

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