Our Trick or Treaters Really DID Have Fangs.

Ah Halloween…the night when adorable little ones dressed as sometimes unidentifiable forms of creature cuteness come knocking at your door and beg for candy. Well, generally in the earlier part of the evening anyway – after about 9:00pm, you pretty much start getting teenagers carrying Walmart bags with no costume and it’s time to turn the porch light off.


I am sadly not original and just free clip art that Julie found – but I’m scary cute!

That’s how it was in our old neighborhood when we lived in a cul de sac and were surrounded by a bunch of other decorated houses. Minivans would park in the middle of the street and  belch out hordes of trick or treaters. My husband and I even had a tier system set up – if you had an original/cool/homemade costume then you got the really good stuff like full-sized candy bars. If you put forth a minimal amount of effort to be creepy or otherwise memorable, you got something along the lines of a fun-size bar or little bag of Reeses. Walmart bag and no costume = maybe some smarties or that crappy taffy no one really likes just to ward off any potential egging.

When we moved to GA, we settled into a nice condo that has a wooded section behind it and is in the back part of the building, past a few rows of stairs. This provides the illusion of being somewhat secluded even though we have neighbors directly above us. I’ve always loved our additional hint of privacy and still feel we have one of the best spots in the complex – except for nights like Halloween. Living in a place where you can’t even see if the porch light is on until you’ve made an effort to go down the first section or two of stairs doesn’t seem to attract even the Walmart bag crowd. Add in the darkened woods just a few feet from the bottom of those stairs and I wouldn’t let any kids of mine go hunting for candy in our direction either. So sigh…no more cute trick or treaters come knocking at the door as we watch our traditional monster movies and feast upon junk food.

But ah, I’ve found the wooded section does have it own cute little ones. It’s not a mini van and they may not be dressed up like Disney characters or anything, but yes, still cute. [The below pics were taken tonight with my phone from the other side of the ghostly realm – er, glass screen door].


Hello Mr. Racoon, are you here for tricks or treats?


Nom nom – don’t eat it all before your bedtime Ms. Possum, you’ll get bad dreams!

So a little backstory. I started putting cat food out a while ago to coax an abandoned kitty into at least having an occasional home (ours). While I was successful in that endeavor, the cat food of course attracted other occasional…guests. And since I’m not one for wasting food, nights like this call for extra special treats – like the left over nachos and caramel apple I didn’t finish. The food doesn’t go in the trash and I at least get some form of trick or treater to come visit us.

Halloween WIN!

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