I’m Back and So Was Chalktoberfest!

Hello dear blog, it’s been a long time (a month I believe? Yeeek!) since I last paid you a visit and I’ve missed you terribly. But while life’s busyness has unfortunately kept me away for a while, time to get these fingers typing and end this silly silent treatment. There are still stories to tell, strange characters to animate, and beer to brew in our fine condo’s kitchen so there certainly shouldn’t be a lack of things to post about.

Since we just passed the weekend of Oct 8-9, what is quickly becoming one of my favorite early October events recently colored the streets in Marietta square – Chalktoberfest! Ever take chalk and draw on the sidewalk when you were a kid? Of course you did! And if your colored chalk creations looked anything like mine, it was probably a very good thing they washed away with the rain. However the fine staff at The Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, which hosts the event, knows who to find a few folks who can do this...





I went last year for the first time and was blown away. This time, I stopped by early Sunday morning before church and, since a lot of the artists were still finishing up, came back near the event’s end. One of the neat things about this was seeing some of the art transition from this…


To this…


If you’d like to learn more about these amazing chalkextraordinaires, here is a link to the artist bios from the museum’s event page: http://chalktoberfest.com/artists/artist-bios/

One thing I can’t quite figure out is how some managed to make the chalk art look 3D. I get that it had to do with shadows, perspective, and whatnot but..this is chalk on pavement we’re talking about (neither being what I would consider the easiest material to work with). For these works, each one had a little “stand here” sign where the 3D effect would show and well, it was pretty wild…


Sure puts my smiling stick figures of younger years to shame.



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