I’m Still Here

Hello Dear Readers, I just wanted to drop a quick line to confirm that all is still well and I do still exist even though it been a while since my last post. No major catastrophe or anything has occurred (of which I’m quite thankful even though that might make for a zinger of a blog post). No, it’s just been a case of the busyness of life overtaking the amount of time to do anything other then tend to mundane necessities such as going to work and taking the cats to the vet. As a result, this poor blog has become like a sad puppy waiting for its owner to come home. But the owner will come home soon and give plenty of belly rubs…er posts, I promise. For now however, it’s time for bed with me as my ability to type complete and comprehensible sentences diminishes with each second.

Off to go count some sheep!


I didn’t have enough mental energy or time to come up with an illustration for this post but did come across this somewhat equally adorable pic I made for a countdown in one of my old school animations…there’s no sheep involved but it still seemed appropriate.





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