Nothing says love like firing photon torpedoes at your sweetie.

My husband and I are both fans of Star Trek (though I suppose I can’t call myself a true Trekkie since my interest is almost solely devoted to Star Trek TNG – except for episodes of Deep Space Nine that included the Dominion). As further proof of his higher rank in fan status he recently bought Star Trek Attack Wing which, as the makers of the game proclaim is “an exciting, fast-paced miniatures battle game set in the Star Trek Universe.” Here’s a link to WizKids webpage for it. (Dominion and a few other factions not mentioned there because they were added later).



There’s a surprising number of game pieces involved in intergalactic ship battles…I guess I never quite realized that all these years when watching the show.


Tonight he talked me into playing and it was admittedly fun…even though my ship got blown to smithereens. He played as Riker commanding the U.S.S. Hathaway, a Federation ship, while I played as one of my favorite Dominion pals Keevan, commanding the 5th Wing Patrol Ship.


My hubby’s game piece – sitting pretty and preparing to kick my butt.


My game piece in all its glory. Let’s face it, the Dominion ship looks cooler.

One of the aspects in moving your ship is that each player gets a little dial like the one on the right in the above picture and everyone reveals the direction they’ve chosen at the same time. During me and hubby’s game, there was a comically awkward moment in which we chased each other in a circle. We ended that game of tag by finding ourselves on a collision course (which fortunately for all imaginary crew members involved, only meant we put ourselves back in weapons range).


Okay, so now I’m gonna take a sharp right turn and looks like your going to go a little to the left…hmmm, let’s just get up close and personal why don’t we?

Alas, my shields and weapons were no match and the Federation won. But I’m okay with that because as much I dig the Dominion, I’m well aware they’re not the good guys in the Star Trek universe.

Sorry Keevan – guess you should have picked a fight with the Romulans.


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