Farewell to one of my old friends from NC

Today I said farewell to a dear friend that I met back in June of 2009. A true friend, one who helped me move from North Carolina to Georgia and didn’t mind the two confused cats meowing in the back seat. A friend who listened to all the same radio stations and music I do. A friend who knew all my favorite places to go and always made sure I made it safely home.

Except for recently when my friend started having tantrums on a regular basis and particularly this past Friday when they left me stuck and helpless in the middle of a busy road. It’s okay friend, I forgive you…but you have run your course and far exceeded your blue book value. Today, I say farewell to you 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer.


I took a picture at the repair shop where we said goodbye.

Considering the amount of miles I put on that poor thing  (from just barely over 100,000 when I took ownership to just shy of 300,000 when we parted ways), my Lancer did a pretty fair job in my book. I kept up with all the basic duties of a responsible car owner, like oil changes, but in the end it was simply no spring chicken and staring to show its age.

My husband and I had already started chatting about how we needed to start preparing to put the Lancer out to pasture when I picked the car up from its most recent visit to the shop on Thursday afternoon. Then Friday morning, I had suspicion we might be at that point when the check engine light popped on followed by an immediate and then total lack of acceleration. The car died on a section of East-West Connector that is a very, very bad place to be completely dead in the water because it’s one of those sections where everyone speeds along and stopping abruptly is a little challenging. Since there were two cars that actually did have to slam on their brakes and skid to a stop, it’s fortunately possible. If it had not been for the super sweet and awesome woman who’s home I had happened to break down near and two equally awesome guys who helped push my car out of the danger zone, this post would be about the accident I was involved in instead of just a farewell to my car.

But ah dear, dear, Lancer you will be missed even though our last day together involved you taking a nap in one of the worst places ever. And though I will certainly have a new friend take your place (because our city’s transit sucks), you will always have a special place in my heart.


One last look…sniff, sniff. Farewell old friend!


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One response to “Farewell to one of my old friends from NC

  1. I feel your pain! When we buy a car we tend to keep it for years, so that it feels like one of the family. When my husband traded in his faithful old people carrier, we almost saluted as the salesman drove it away!

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