Our closet smelled like beer – and that’s a good thing!

Hello dear ones, there will be no story snippet tomorrow – or rather later today as it will no doubt be in the wee hours by the time I post this. To be both honest and blunt, I’m working both Saturday and Sunday and have an interview on the latter (wish me luck!) so this weekend is just too filled to the brim for me to even think about trying to write and illustrate. But since a picture is worth a thousand words, this is probably a perfect time to share my adventures in home brewing thus far…


Ingredients for my first attempt at home brewing – I used a True Brew kit for a pale ale (supposedly one of the easiest types of beer to brew).


Time to brew some tea…er, grains!


Looking pretty!


I wonder if the squirrels and birds will find a bag full of brewed grains tasty?


After adding the malt extract and wonderful, wonderful hops (and sanitizing my equipment like crazy) the wort went into my primary fermenter with a packet of yeast. With the help of my husband, the bucket made its way to our bedroom closet because it was the warmest place in the condo and I feared fermentation wasn’t actually happening after only seeing a few measly bubbles show up in the airlock. After sitting in the closet a few days, my husband complained our closet smelled like a brewery. Good sign!


After taking a 2nd gravity reading and confirming that my little yeast friends did in fact do their job, it came time to siphon the wort future beer into my glass carboy for second fermentation (not actually a necessary extra step according to some folks but I’m sticking to the recipe steps on this first try). The carboy now resides in our laundry room since that’s an even warmer spot and will sit there, covered up with black tarp and a cloth, for another week before it’s time for the next step – bottling! Unfortunately that will be followed by more waiting but that just gives me time to start planning out my next recipe choice while waiting to drink the fruits of my labor!

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