Once Upon a Time – Chap. 51.1

Hello and hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s! Mine involved watching Doctor Who while drinking brandy and watching fireworks over the hill so all in all, I’d say not a bad way to welcome in 2016.  🙂

I’ve said before that blog snippets are not the fastest method of travel in the grand chapter to chapter scheme of things but it’s high time we finally saw our friends make their homecoming. So without further adieu…


Roughly half an hour later, the closet in Ian’s bedroom found itself cramped once again. In front of the huddled mob of a line stood Seth who held the stone puzzle in front of him with his rotting hand. Behind him, Raynerus tilted his magic top hat and stretched his other arm out as best he could to prepare for a welcoming wave to everyone back home. V seemed more inclined to believe danger would greet them back and stood ready with his sword drawn toward the ceiling. Between him and Raynerus, a very human and still very hungry Wymer munched on iced oatmeal cookies from a now half-empty bag. Bringing up the rear was Deigen with a shirt and vest still bearing the sticky scars of his soda bottle trouble. Within seconds of Aaron pushing the closet door behind them, the stone puzzle emitted what began as a candlelight glow but quickly swelled to a blinding blaze of light.

V hopelessly tried to look ahead of them with one eye squinted. “Seth, can you lower that thing or something? I might as well not even bother having my sword out if I can’t see!”

The zombie tried lowering the stone puzzle but it made absolutely no difference and continued making everyone wish for the closet’s pitch darkness to return.

“Seth,” Raynerus tapped him on the shoulder, “I believe you need to walk forward now. We all do in fact.”

“But there’s a wall right in front of me and the door behind Deigen, how can we move anywhere?” Even as he argued against the possibility to do so, Seth attempted stretching his right foot out in front of him – and succeeded. Confused, he did so with his left and found himself actually walking forward. Being a zombie proved beneficial in this impossible endeavor as each step came naturally slow and cautious. Right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot. He ceased his blind march when the puzzle’s light finally fizzled back down to a glow and then extinguished itself entirely. As his eyes adjusted themselves, Seth stared down at the stone puzzle still resting in the palm of his hand. “I don’t understand, did this just make it so we could walk through that closet wall? I thought it was supposed to take us back home.”

“Eh, Seth?” Deigen grinned and joined Raynerus and V (who refused to put his sword down just yet) in waving at the faces in front of them. “You may want to look up.”

Seth slowly raised his head and found not a wall before him but Gwendoloena’s massive wooden dining table with everyone seated around it for what appeared to be the largest tea party he’d ever witnessed.



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