Once Upon a Time – Chap. 50.3


For the next ten minutes or so, Raynerus continued to share highlights of his life after finding himself stranded in Aaron’s world from losing the two stone puzzle pieces. This included tales of valor, such as using his vampire speed and strength to help fight crime in different cities that he moved to. (He held suspicion of inspiring at least one comic book hero due to his preference of wearing a cape and mask when performing this odd community service). It also included less supernatural yet benevolent actions such as forming a rabbit rescue charity (an interest which made perfect sense for someone who turned into a giant rabbit every full moon). Yet all while telling these tales, he still had yet to utter a word about the most pressing thing on V, Deigen, and Seth’s minds.

“Eh, Raynerus,” Deigen held a hand up to make his friend pause in the middle of chatting more about the rabbit nonprofit, “it sounds like you’ve helped quite a lot of those little furry critters—

“We’ve rescued and rehabilitated over 1,000.” Raynerus gave a prideful nod. “And we found loving homes for all of our adorable rabbits.”

“I’m so very happy for them,” Deigen spoke quicker this time in attempt to avoid any more mention of adorable rabbits, “but what about the puzzle you were working on? The one you were making to offset the Keepers’ stone puzzle?”

“Ah yes, yes.” Raynerus turned in his chair and reached into a large yellow bag that he’d brought with him. While it looked like any typical cloth shopping bag environmentally sound folks might use for groceries, its contents were more of the fashionable nature as he pulled out a gray top hat with a large red satin band.


Since this was a bit of a micro snippet, and also since it’s been a while since the first animation I posted, this seems like a fine time to include another one!

I’ve had a little monster guy as the banner for this blog for long time but I think it’s time…he moved. Now mind you, this is just another test and the original image was just the same one that has always graced the top of this page so not quite Pixar quality certainly – but I still think he’s adorable!



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