Once Upon a Time – Chap. 50.1


To our three friends, the logical and quickest course of action after finding the whereabouts of their fellow monster would have been to go directly to him. Aaron, however, pointed out that the dentist office listed in the ad would not be open for business until 9am and it was only nearing 5am at the moment.

After a painfully long four hours that involved their still slightly terrified host introducing the group to more strange cuisine (this time, powdered donuts and coffee for breakfast – both of which Seth refused to sample), time for reunion came. Or so they thought until Aaron once again became the bearer of bad news. Getting to the office would involve traveling in something called a car since horses were apparently an archaic mode of transportation here. V refused to ride in any sort of mechanical carriage and Aaron hated any idea of leaving even one of the monsters alone at his home nearly as much as the thought of them exploring his world. He seemed convinced that the latter option would likely either cause extreme panic upon anyone seeing them or begin the zombie apocalypse if Seth and Wymer tagged along. Despite Seth’s assurances that he was fairly certain this wouldn’t occur, Aaron wasn’t willing to risk civilization as he knew it on fairly certain and instead tried to reach Dr. Nerus on a tiny box he called a cell phone. After trying to speak to the dentist directly and getting hung up on by his receptionist twice, they finally did reach Raynerus, former ruler of the Kingdom of Fools – who promptly cancelled all remaining appointments for the day and now sat with them at Aaron’s table, drinking a bottle of carrot juice.

Rather than the dentist garb Aaron typically saw him in, he wore a somewhat outlandish outfit that included maroon pants and a purple jacket with gold shoulder pads and lined with silver in the front. Deigen and V naturally recognized the ensemble as what their friend wore many, many, many years ago – but rather than bearing the same albino pale skin and fangs they remembered, he had a rather nice tan and normal yet very white teeth.



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2 responses to “Once Upon a Time – Chap. 50.1

  1. I hope you’re planning on releasing all your writing as a book. It only makes sense, given all the hard work you’ve put into it! And somehow, the Kingdom of Fools is something I should be familiar with, but I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

    • Thanks Jack! I’m actually thinking of doing two slightly different versions – one still with the occasional goofy humor and the other a little more serious (but of course there’s only so much seriousness that one can have with talking zombies and whatnot). 🙂

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