Once Upon a Time – Chap. 49.3

Everyone_gather_aroundAbout an half an hour later, the unconscious stranger sat tied to a chair while Deigen, Seth, and V stood in front of him trying to figure out the best course of action. Muffled growls and occasional banging the folding door behind them was the only sign that the hungry zombie version of Wymer remained nearby.

“Should we wake him up?” Deigen darted his eyes from his companions to the sleeping human in front to them. “We really need to be moving about with this whole business much quicker, there is still a war going on back home.”

Seth shook his head. “We already scared the poor guy and unintentionally invaded his home. I think we should just let him rest and wake up naturally.”

No sooner had the zombie finished speaking his last syllable, V was already slapping the stranger awake. “Deigen’s right, we don’t have much time and this person might be able to help us find who we’re looking for.”

“Or he might instantly die of fright from being slapped awake by a fanged monster that he probably will assume tied him up to eat him.” Seth sighed and rolled his eyes as the stranger began making the first tell tale moans of rejoining the waking world. “But by all means, wake him up if you think that will improve matters.”

The next five minutes involved the stranger screaming at the top of his lungs again and then finally becoming quiet as he realized it either made no difference or that he possibly wasn’t in actual danger. With a hoarse voice and after trying several times to free himself, he finally started the conversation. “We don’t even have any rope, what did you tie me with?”

The three monsters looked at each other before V replied. “Not the first question I would have expected but we removed the bread baking device from the wall and used its thick string.”

The stranger shook his wrists and raised a brow at the metal clanging of the device bumping against the floor. “You unplugged the toaster and tied me up with its cord?”

“Toaster, yes that’s it!” V snapped his finger. “Someone we know actually invented one almost like that one and—

“Why did you tie me up?” The stranger tried one last time to flee his toaster cord chain. “And who are you?”

Deigen took a slow step forward and raised his hands in the air as if he were surrending to the man. “We knew you would likely run otherwise and we really needed to speak with you. And we mean you no harm, we’re friends of Ian.”

“You’re friends of Ian?” The stranger watched all three monsters nod their heads with friendly smiles. “Ian my roommate who’s been missing for the past few days?” Three more nods, three increasingly friendly smiles. “If you’re friends of Ian, then you know the nickname he always goes by. What is it?” Three blank stares, three fleeting smiles. “Do you even know his last name?”

Deigen shared another look with his comrades before turning back to the stranger. “We’re not very close friends of Ian just yet.”

“But he is safe,” quickly added V. “He’s on our world where a war is going on and we came here through a portal in Ian’s closet to find someone that may have possession of an object which can help us end that war and bring peace to our land.”

The stranger blinked. “And how are you going to find this person?”

V held his weapon up proudly. “I have a magic sword!”

This time the stranger blinked several times before speaking. “So my missing roommate is on some other world, I have two vampires and a zombie in my kitchen—

“There’s another zombie behind those folding doors,” interrupted Seth while thumbing behind him.

“And another zombie in the laundry room,” continued the stranger, “and one of the vampires has a magical sword.” He sighed and shook his head at them. “This is the strangest dream I’ve ever had. But I don’t think you’re going to have any luck with your magic sword there in trying to find one single person.”

V lowered his sword with a frown. “Then how do we find them?”

“Untie me and let me get my laptop.”

Not having a clue what magical device their new friend was talking about, the three monsters untied him and excitedly waited to see what a laptop was. It turned out to be, quite unimpressively, a silver rectangular box.

“What does this contraption do?” asked Deigen as the three of them huddled close around the stranger and his thin box. “Oh my, it comes alive with sound and colors, ah!”

The stranger gave them all a side glance as the cowering monsters slowly edged back to huddle around him again. “If that’s how you all react to the start up screen, this is going to be interesting.”


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