Once Upon a Time – Chap. 49.2


Seth wished he could cover his ears over the stranger’s roar of terror but knew letting even one hand go of Wymer would only increase the room’s zombie population by one. Still, something needed to be done quickly before any more unneeded commotion came upon them. He turned his head to the two vampires beside him and found neither making matters any better. Deigen, who actually was able to cover his ears, did so while shouting promises of good intentions. V’s plan of action appeared much worse as he drew his sword and started waving it at the man.

“V, what are you doing?!” At first, Seth amazed himself at being able to make his hoarse zombie voice rise over the screams but then quickly realized that the screaming itself had ceased entirely. He looked back at the stranger to find him once again staring in a mesmerized manner at them, completely still aside from his eyes swaying back and forth in rhythm with V’s sword.

“V, what are you doing?” echoed Deigen as he uncovered his ears. “He’s just some concerned neighbor or family member of Ian’s, put that sword away!”

“But he might be the one we’re looking for.” V cautiously stepped forward a few steps while still waving the sword in front of him. “Gwendolena said the blade would glow when we found the right person.”

“But it’s not glowing so this poor lad we’ve just frightened half to death obviously isn’t them,” argued Deigen.

V took another step forward. “Maybe I just need to get closer.” He waved the sword again which only caused the stranger to stumble backward into a corner. “Or maybe I need to actually touch him with the blade.”

Seeing a vampire slowly creep toward him with a drawn sword did nothing to diminish the stranger’s fear. His course of action, however, was apparently the same as Ian’s when finding himself in a similar predicament. He hastily dashed to the closest counter between him and the monsters and grabbed a mesh wire basket filled with several whole cloves of garlic.

Again with the garlic.” Deigen shook his head as the stranger lifted his wire basket between himself and V like a smelly shield. “Why does everyone from Ian’s world keep putting garlic in our faces?”

“Maybe garlic has some sort of magical properties here that protects them from vampires.” Seth gulped. “Maybe that’s even how they succeeded in battling with the zombies like we saw in that painting in Ian’s room.”

“Seth, I’m not convinced this man has ever seen a battle nor a zombie.” V stepped back as the stranger shoved his wire basket toward him. “No, no,” he shook his head at the garlic, “I don’t want any.” He sighed as the man only mistook the step back as retreat and now gained enough courage to charge forward with his little wire basket. “And he’s definitely never seen a vampire.” V stood completely still this time and let the basket touch him. He nodded at the man. “Hello there, thanks for finally getting close.”

Before V could actually touch his blade to the stranger, however, the garlic in the wire basket became airborne and the room once again filled with screams. The stranger jumped back and hurled the cloves at V, who deflected them as best he could with his sword. Seeming to finally remember he possessed supernatural speed, the vampire risked getting clove attacked and leaned in to tap him on the head. Or rather attempted to tap. Seeming to have also forgotten that he was a vampire possessing supernatural strength, V managed to cease both the screaming and flying garlic as he completely knocked the stranger out.

“Well.” Seth looked over Wymer’s shoulder to watch the stranger slump down to an unconscious heap on the kitchen floor. “So far we’ve flooded a room, caused some sort of foaming elixir to explode all over the floor in here, and you very likely almost killed that man. Somehow I don’t think this mission is going quite as planned.”


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