Failure! (But with illustrations and an unrelated animation).

A while ago, I changed my regular weekly posting day from Sunday to Saturday. Since today is definitely not Saturday and we are far beyond the almost-made-it time frame of just after midnight, one can only conclude that one of two possible scenarios occurred:

1) The zombie apocalypse began but only took place near our small condo. Fortunately, I had been looking up brain pictures just prior to the outbreak (for reasons unknown even to me) and no one in our household lost their own brain. The zombies did, however, run off with my monitor and made any form of computer work impossible until I tracked them down.


2) Vampires stole my scanner after mistaking it for a magical artifact. It makes strange noises and emits a bright light when scanning images into my computer so I can understand their confusion. I later retrieved my trusty Canon MP210, but only to find all of the paper I normally use to draw and scan my illustrations had been used up making unintentional copies of a very perplexed vampire face.


Or, another likely scenario could be the mere fact possibility that I simply didn’t have another snippet up my sleeve when this past week rolled around to Saturday. I’d rather the truth be one of the first two scenarios but, sadly, there were no monster thieves involved. I suppose this is the danger one might expect to encounter when completing a rough draft in the form of blog posts. The clear path of how to get us from Deigen holding a fizzy soda bottle to the next scene in a logical snippet just did not present itself to me this weekend. I thought it would if I just kept the creative juices brewing in another pot on the stove and so rather than attempt to write this weekend’s snippet, I worked on the animation test that is (hopefully) playing below. I say “test” because this is first time I’ve attempted anything remotely in the realm of animation in a long, long time. That being the case, this hungry little stick/flower guy is as rough as he is cute. But time heals all wounds, including failed blog post deadlines and rusty skills. So as we move into this new week, next Saturday will have our regular snippet post and future posts will eventually include more animations (which may or may not include additional carnivorous flowers). Have a great week everyone!!



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One response to “Failure! (But with illustrations and an unrelated animation).

  1. Remind me not to stand too close to that flower! ;D

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