Once Upon a Time – Chap. 48.2

Oh so close, but alas midnight passed me just a wee bit before posting (sorry!). But this post includes a picture with four characters annnd an alien world. Well, our world being the alien one to them but it’s alien and exciting nonetheless! And it also has magical objects like cell phones and waterbeds (both of which can be a tad bit frightening if you’re a monster).


The blinding light faded as the door closed behind our four monsters who expected to find themselves in a strange and otherworldly land as Gwendolena predicted. Instead, they found themselves both in the dark and what appeared to be a very cramped space with various sorts of garments hung above them.

“I believe we are in a closet,” said Deigen as a shirt fell down on his head. He turned back around to reopen the door they just came through but his hands only found a bare wall. “The portal, it’s gone!”

“I guess that makes sense actually.” Seth’s muffled voice spoke through a sweater. “She said we’d get sent to same place Ian entered our world from and would have to go back the same way. I guess the portal door disappears until we get what we came for and go through.”

V started reaching his hands out in front of him. “Well, we certainly aren’t going to make any headway stuck in here. And since Ian came to us through his closet door, that means our way to his is,” he found a round doorknob and turned it while pushing the door open, “the same.”

Two vampires and two zombies peered out of the closet to catch their first glimpse of Ian’s world…which at the moment mainly consisted of an unmade bed, a dusty wooden dresser, and bluish carpet that covered the entire floor.

“That’s odd, this throw rug goes all the way to walls.” Deigen walked out as if the carpet was littered with egg shells. “And it’s the most boring one I’ve ever seen, no designs or anything, just one solid color.”

V stepped and made a bouncing motion. “It’s soft though, much thicker than any of the rugs we have at the castle.” He eyed a small, black rectangular box laying on the bed that appeared far too thin to possibly carry anything of value. “What do you suppose that is?”

Deigen joined him a cautious stroll over to inspect the box. “I’m not sure but it’s certainly curious.”

“So is this artwork he has hanging up,” said Seth, as he leaned into inspect a movie poster hung on the outside of the closet door. “I thought Ian said zombies and vampires didn’t exist here but look,” he pointed at warrior defending themselves with a laser rifle against a greenish zombie, “they use weapons that blast out light against them.”

A muffled growl came from the closet and Wymer finally stumbled out while trying to free himself from two shirts.

“We better keep an eye on our friend there then.” V nodded at the disgruntled zombie. “The last thing we need is for him to get blown to bits because—

The vampire stopped and jerked his head to the thin box, which now made bizarre music and vibrated on the bed. Without a second thought, he drew his sword and attempted to smash the evil contraption to silence it. Rather than hitting the box, however, he only managed to stab the bed and rather than act like any normal bed any of the monsters had ever seen, this one shot out water in the places where he’d pierced the mattress.

Deigen stared at the three miniature fountains that now sprayed out and began soaking the carpet under their feet. “A bed made of water and that,” he pointed at the box which now had ceased its horrific sounds, “torture device of the ears, how could they have been made? And why?”

“How and why else?” asked Seth, as he waved a hand from the poster to the leaking bed. “Clearly Ian’s world was invaded by zombies long ago and the humans learned how to defend themselves by using magic.”



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2 responses to “Once Upon a Time – Chap. 48.2

  1. Oh, yes–vampires and zombies do exist. I’ll have no problem proving it to them! Lol.

    Once again, great job!

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