Once Upon a Time – Chap. 48.1


Still standing next to Simone on one of the castle’s balconies, Ian gawked at the joined bubbles below. The dirt-looking appearance of the door forming within their center shifted into a normal wooden one with a round brass handle. “That can’t be my,” he leaned over the ledge and craned his neck out to get a better look at the glowing yellow portion where the door resided, “but I think it is! And I remember that light, it has to be mine!”

“Remember it?” Simone shook her head as they both watched Gwendolena waving her hands toward the door while explaining something to Deigen, V, and Seth. “You’ve seen two giant bubbles mesh together and create some weird portal opening with a random door in the middle before?”

Ian’s mouth formed a nearly perfect “O” as Deigen, V, Seth, and a very zombified-looking Wymer all stepped up to the door and opened it to walk through. Though the bubbles and glowing oval portion remained unchanged by this new event, the door itself became shut again.

“Ian?” Simone nudged him with her elbow. “Say something. Where have you seen that light and door before?”

“My bedroom,” he gulped out. “I ended up here with you guys when my closet started glowing with that same light and I walked through it.” He shot a finger toward the bubbles. “That door in the middle is my closet door, which means that portal or whatever it is leads to,” he dropped his hand back down to grip the stonewall, “my home.”


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