Once Upon a Time – Chap. 47.5

Sorry for being slightly late on posting again, dear readers. I have many excuses but few good ones. Actually, the only truly good one involves my ongoing endeavors to get a homeless kitty to become a part of our home. This is a black and white sweetheart that I’ve learned from asking around was “dumped” a while ago but has somewhat adopted me as much as I have him (even if not a good reason, he is at least an adorable one). But enough about my third fur kid for now – on with the belated snippet!

colored_bubblesDeigen and V both nearly dropped their swords and Seth’s outstretched hand stiffly remained with its palm open toward Gwendolena as he stared at her in confusion.

V himself was the first one to speak and could only do so after opening and closing his mouth several times. “My queen, are we surrendering?”

“Not at all, what nonsense that would be! However,” Gwendolena placed the puzzle in Seth’s hand, “this may help put an end to the tiresome battle.”

The zombie’s rigid brow managed to furrow at finding his middle finger poked through what felt like a jagged hole in the puzzle. Examining what he would have assumed to be a broken stone plate that someone glued back together if he didn’t know better, he found one of center portions missing.

Gwendolena nodded at Wymer behind him, who still moaned and made slow motion grabs in the air. “Since Kirkaronus and Serena wanted the puzzle so badly that they turned their last remaining henchman into a zombie for it, I say let them have it. But if my studies of this object from earlier match what I have observed with those cumbersome bubbles Sylvia caused, I believe they will be getting more than they bargained for.”

“I can’t say I understand what you mean but,” Seth raised the puzzle up and wiggled his free finger through the gap, “why is this piece missing?”

“It’s not.” Gwendolena raised her own hand to reveal the missing stone fragment resting in her palm. “But I wanted to make sure you and Wymer would be able to return back to us.”

From??” Seth panned his eyes over to Deigen and V to see if they had any clue what the queen had up her sleeve. From their wide step back and saucer-sized eyes, he at least had confirmation that he wasn’t alone in his confusion. He darted his eyes to the right to see what could possibly make two vampires step away in alarm and found the only bubbles he had yet to see affect anyone now beside him: the whitish one of life and the grayish of death. Rather than gently bouncing around as they had been during the whole battle, however, the two bubbles rolled into each other and an almost blinding yellow light appeared where they merged.

“What’s that forming in the middle?” V pointed toward the strange oval’s center while shielding his eyes with his other hand.“Another bubble?”

Deigen squinted and shook his head. “Can’t be, it’s not round at all. Look’s like a slab of solid dirt with a white hole near one of the ends.”

“That’s not just a slab of dirt.” Seth took a cautious and curious step closer toward the new joined bubble. “With that shape and the hole where it is, it looks almost like a, like a—”

“Like a door,” said Gwendolena with a smile in her voice. “Because it is.”


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  1. Ooh, another mystery to solve for the next episode. I’m not sure if I want to find out what happens when they open it!

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