Once Upon a Time – Chap. 47.4

Seth_Gwen_and_Wymer“Wymer, one of two things will happen if you don’t stop listening to your appetite.” Seth spoke as though he still bore any chance of reasoning with someone who just crossed the finish line to becoming a full-fledged member of the zombie family. “Either you’re going to actually chomp into this person behind me and then Deigen or somebody will chop your head off or they’ll chop your head off before you even get to him. Either way, that would mean the end of you and I’m pretty sure you’d normally be against that.” He inwardly groaned as Wymer almost pushed past him and nearly succeeded in his struggle to get the zombie version of a plowman’s lunch.

“Why is your friend flailing his arms and growling at me?” asked the farmer still standing behind him. Sounding more disgruntled than alarmed, the man clearly had no clue that he maintained a precariously close post to danger.

Before Seth could answer, Deigen and V reached them with swords in hand. If nothing else, seeing two anxious vampires holding weapons at least made the farmer finally decide to take a few steps back.

Deigen held his blade up. “Step aside Seth.”

“No, no, you don’t understand, he’s not like other zombies that just wander around mindlessly trying to eat people.” Even as Seth tried to advocate for Wymer, the former henchman continued making himself the typical zombie poster child. “The Keepers turned him into one but he still remembers who he was like me and Albert. He’s just, eh, not showing that very well right now.”

“Since he’s grabbing at the air, foaming at the mouth, and growling at the closest living person near you, I would say not.” Deigen aimed his blade just a few inches from Wymer’s neck. “Step aside.”

Gwendolena’s voice came from behind Seth, apparently now standing in front of the most oblivious farmer in the world as added protection. “Seth, before he reached this state, what did he say to you? Why is he here?”

“The Keepers sent him to steal the stone puzzle from us, he was supposed to put that rose he dropped on it or something.” Seth half-turned toward her while still trying to keep Wymer away from his intended meal. “But he only went along with their plan because they put a curse on him, he’s been turning into a zombie ever since I met him at the hill. Just before the transformation took him over, he told me he wanted to switch sides. I believe him, he doesn’t want to help them anymore.”

The queen looked Wymer over and nodded. “I do too. But he is far past the point where I can help him. Take this.”

Seth managed to still hold Wymer back even while extending his only hand toward her to receive whatever magical remedy she now offered. He nearly lost his hold on the zombie henchman entirely at realizing she held the stone puzzle in her hand.


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