Once Upon a Time – Chap. 47.2


Yes, just a tad bit late on this one and apologies to anyone actually ready to read earlier this evening (who would have thought that a simple drawing of a hand holding a rose could be so persnickety?). Even though we’re a little late to the party on this one, here is the next snippet without further delay…

Seth walked to the base of the hill and waited for Wymer to finally meet him there. Despite the hill being more of a glamorized bump than anything else and the fact he’d been traveling down, the pudgy henchman still panted to catch his breath.

“Seth, I have good news.” Wymer took another gulp of air in. “The Keepers talked it over and they can’t see any way to win this whole battle between good and evil thing. They asked me to give you this,” he held the white flower up between them, “to formerly declare their surrender.”

The zombie spoke to him while looking from the flower to the waiting Keepers on the hill. “If they wish to surrender, I think it rather bad manners for them not come down and say so themselves. Besides, why did they have you come speak to me instead of Gwendolena?”

Wymer grinned, still holding the flower up as if he expected Seth to take it. “I guess because they know we’re friends.”

“But we’re not friends.”

Both the flower and Wymer’s grin dropped down. “But we traveled together and fought zombies with that Simone lady. And, and, and we pinky swore with each other earlier.”

“Not to be friends, we simply pinky swore not to harm one another.” Seth shrugged. “I don’t eat you and you don’t chop my head off, that was our promise. And as far as fighting zombies together, I’m one and I helped Simone fight them off more than you until you tore my arm off while screaming like a little girl. And as far as traveling together, you followed me back to this castle because you were ordered to do so by the Keepers. And if memory in my rotting remains of a brain serves correctly,” he to a step forward, making Wymer take a rather unbalanced step back up the hill, “you were my appointed companion with the sole purpose of making sure either their spell made her a zombie or I finished its work. I also seem to remember that spell began when she pricked her finger on a rose.” He nodded at the flower still tucked in Wymer’s hand. “That doesn’t look like a daffodil you’re clutching to and I’m pretty sure I see thorns on the stem. By the way, why does that hand seem to resemble mine?”

“What, mine?” Wymer thrust his arm back up between them and stared at his own hand. The wrist and portion of skin directly before it looked fine but the rest beheld a sickly grayish tint. He whirled around to face Serena, who only held up her hourglass in response.


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