Once Upon a Time – Chap. 47.1

Waitingatthehill_coloredSeth stood to his full height as the final bird met a fist in the air and began changing, this last one becoming an old woman wearing a knitted petticoat. The zombie made a wobbly revolve to take in the scene and found that, despite everyone fearing for their lives and possibly the freedom of the whole world only a short while ago, things looked rather serene now. Most of the villagers were huddled together in groups and still trying to figure out how they’d gone from everyday chores at home to finding themselves in a desert. Gwendolena had managed to destroy most of the giant bubbles but the ominous death and life ones continued making themselves nuisances by still gently bouncing along the ground. No one had fallen in the path of those particular two – likely quite fortunate since the true effect of either remained a mystery. While V walked over to help the petticoat woman sort things out, Seth turned to his other personal bodyguard, Deigen. “Eh, many thanks for the protection you two gave but is that it? Is the battle over now?”

“I believe we are close but,” the vampire nodded at the death bubble as it bounced past them, “looks there’s still a few problems Gwendolena is trying to remove. And I suppose it isn’t truly over until our side or the Keepers admit defeat.”

Seth raised his hands to encompass the hodgepodge gathering around them. “But our side has that puzzle medallion everyone wanted so badly, you all took care of the bird threat, and Trevor’s lemonade stand just went back in business. This looks more like an awkward outdoor party than a battle now. How could they not admit defeat?”

Deigen looked over Seth’s shoulder toward the hill where Serena and Kirkaronus remained. “I doubt they’ll be willing to admit failure just yet.” He nodded with a raised brow. “But it looks like they’re sending a messenger this way to say something.”

Seth turned and found Wymer coming down the hill – and making a beeline for them. The one and only henchman the Keepers had left gave an over-enthusiastic wave. “Hello Seth, hello!”

Deigen leaned in toward Seth. “I believe the message is for you.”

“He’s carrying a white flower or something in his other hand. What does that mean?”

“Dunno.” The vampire shook his head. “The old Keepers from the last battle never gave us flowers, that’s for sure. But white usually means surrender.”

“So they’re sending Wymer this way to say they surrender?”

Deigen shook his head again. “Doubt it.”


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