Once Upon a Time – Chap. 45.2

Hello_Family copy

Sylvia was first to race toward Gwendolena and the woman in her arms, followed by Uncle Albert who ambled over as fast as his zombie legs could manage.

“Mother?” Sylvia spoke to woman who now had her eyes closed and could have been mistaken for simply taking a midday nap if not for the wound on her left arm. “Mother, are you alright?” She lifted her eyes to Gwendolena. “Is she?”

Gwendolena nodded. “She will be.” The vampire wiggled her fingers while waving her hand over the wound. Gradually but quickly, the wound healed itself until only unblemished skin revealed itself under the sleeve’s hole. At first when the woman’s eyes fluttered open and caught sight of her family, she nearly bolted up to hug them both. After just a moment to truly take their appearance in, however, she drew back with a confused pout. “Sylvia? Albert?”

“It’s so good to see you alive, Clara!” Albert tried to kneel down and become eye level with her but the action proved more promising of toppling over and he ended up back in his rigid pose. “We were worried about you.”

“And I’m worried about you.” Clara wrinkled her nose at him. “You look appalling and smell like someone died.”

“I’m afraid that someone is me dear sister. Caleb and one of his friends murdered me for a magical rock I’d found and I became a zombie shortly after.”

Clara sighed heavily and shook her head. “I always said that lousy apprentice would be the death of you but I didn’t realize just how right I was. I hope you taught him a lesson or two for doing that.”

“I eh,” Albert looked sheepishly down at the ground. “I ate him.”

“Well that’s as good a way to teach a lesson to a backstabbing murderer as any.” Clara locked eyes on her daughter. “And what about you Sylvia? Why are you so ghastly pale and what is this business going on with your teeth, they look like fangs!”

“They are mother. The Keepers tried to turn me into a zombie also but,” Sylvia nodded at Gwendolena, who still held the woman in her arms, “the person who caught you stopped their spell by turning me into a vampire.”

“Person who caught me? Caught me from what? The last thing I remember is being in our village and some woman singing a song that would have been lovely if she’d know the limits of her range.” Clara jerked around to face Gwendolena as though she just noticed her. “Tell me, am I a vampire or zombie then?”

“Not at all, you’re quite alive.” Gwendolena glanced up as several squawks continued approaching from above. “But I’m afraid that may not be true for long if we don’t get you to shelter quickly.”


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