Once Upon a Time – Chap. 44.2

This post is slightly on the Sunday side of Saturday (another way of saying it’s just a wee bit late) and apologies to anyone who actually tried to read this on the intended posting day. Good news – this post and both the story snippet/artwork were done on my new computer! Hooray and let’s throw some confetti in the air for not having airplane takeoff noises every time I turn this one on. Bad news – there were a few things to work out today before being able to post, including getting reacquainted with Photoshop rather than using my ancient copy of Paint Shop Pro. It appears I still have much reacquainting to do before the next post but at least this one is finally ready!

Uncle Albert and Sylvia_colored

A moment later, Sylvia’s desire to see her enemy devoured gave way to another wish entirely – to cherish every beautiful thing around her. She leaped out of the pink bubble as it continued along its unseen path and skipped around the perilous battlefield. She stopped once to gaze up at the sky and ponder whether one of the clouds looked more like a heart or a fluffy bunny rabbit’s face. This action proved to nearly bring about her blissful doom when one of the Keepers’ zombies ambled nearby but V luckily intervened with a sword to its head. As the beautiful head rolled by her feet, Sylvia thanked the beautiful vampire with a hug and then proceeded to skip over to the beautiful lemonade stand. She squeezed a bewildered Trevor and spoke of what a handsome and kind-hearted gentleman he had always been, which only rendered the poor lad utterly incapable of pouring any more lemonade. Sylvia likely would have continued the rest of the battle this way if not for a reprimand from her uncle.

“Sylvia, get over here this instant young lady!” shouted Albert from the other end of the castle. “And stop skipping, walk like you still have a lick of sense!”

“Okay Uncle!” Sylvia sang her response out while skip-walking to the disgruntled zombie. She tried to hug him as soon as getting close enough to do so and Albert attempted to halt her with a wooden pole. In a rare moment of actually having her magic work as intended and still being under effects of the bubble, Sylvia waved her arms while singing a spell and turned the pole into a collection of lovely flowers.

Uncle Albert frowned at the bouquet now in his hand and threw it at her. “Drop those arms and back away. I love you dearly but you should never hug a zombie unless you aim to become one yourself. If you’re so intent on hugging things however,” he nodded over her shoulder, “that clear bubble is coming close enough that I think you can go hug that.”

While Sylvia skip-ran toward the clear bubble, Albert hobbled over to Deigen and kicked him in the shin. “Deigen, I believe we need to have word or two about the danger you just placed my niece in.”

The vampire held his hands up and took a few steps back. “That was far from my intention. She was ranting about myself and Seth not trying eat that Wymer fellow, I merely wanted her to gain a better attitude about things.”

Albert rolled his eyes at Sylvia trying to hug the clear bubble and falling inside. “I’d rather her attitude be that than tromping around all lovey dovey like she is now. She even hugged Trevor.” He gave him another kick. “Trevor of all people!”

Deigen looked down and shook his head solemnly. “I’m sorry.” No sooner had he looked back up, Sylvia emerged from the bubble with a much clearer head and started stomping back over to them. “Hello again, little miss.” he stretched his arms out to her. “Do I not get a hug as well?”

From the expression on Sylvia’s face, admiring the beauty in all things was far from her intentions now. She drew her foot back and gave the vampire a swift kick in his other leg before storming off.

“Are you and your family members finished turning my legs into a collection of bruises yet?” Deigen rubbed his assaulted limbs and took a few more steps away from Albert to get out of range from any more attacks.

“I can’t guarantee that.” Albert sighed as Sylvia picked up a sword that had been left by someone and began swinging it wildly. “But you definitely succeeded in her having a different attitude. Now I think you, Seth, and any of us other monsters will be the least of our enemy’s concerns.”


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