Once Upon a Time – Chap. 43.2


Like all the other bubbles, Gwendoloena’s tiny clear one also grew large enough to envelope a person. When it bounced over and surrounded Seth, however, it appeared to have the same affect as throwing a bucket of cold water on person fast asleep. The zombie immediately went from crouching down and cooing at the bee and flower to stumbling away from both. Seth shuffled back over to Gwendoloena after the bubble released him, looking a bit sheepishness. “Thanks for freeing me from that spell or whatever it was that made me ready to shout love poetry about everything. I don’t suppose you have another bubble that could make everyone forget how much of a fool I just made myself?”

The vampire smiled and patted his shoulder. “I don’t think anyone will really remember you trying to woo a bee, Seth. There will be quite a bit of foolishness on everyone’s part to remember after today.”

Indeed, while Gwendoloena’s bubble managed to clear heads and bring people back to their senses, all of the others continued their work as well. With pockets of fighting already breaking out and the bubbles becoming largely inescapable, the colorful traps caused unexpected trouble for both the side predominated by friendly monsters and the one led by two monstrously megalomaniac humans.

The greater problem for Gwendolena’s side, however, remained the several zombies that also ambled about the desert battlefield. Meriall screamed and ran from five of the maggot collectors, making it evident they showed little partiality in just how small their meal may be. Simone took down three of them with her pellet machine but then needed to reload. Algar began racing toward her as best he could before becoming trapped inside a yellow bubble that left him standing foolishly looking around. Gwendolena somehow made a wind blow out of nowhere that pushed a pink bubble toward the zombies just as they caught up with Meriall. This at least made the undead villagers simply greet her with a giant group hug but it still left the little girl in precarious proximity to danger. While others from Gwendolena’s side ran over to fetch her, Wymer found himself becoming an unexpected hero as he reached into the mob of zombies and pulled her out. He carried her like a sack of potatoes to Gwendolena’s side, with Deigen and Seth meeting him halfway.

Deigen held his arms out. “Many thanks but I believe we can take her the rest of the way.”

“Oh right.” Wymer handed the little girl over to him. “We’re not on the same side.”

“No we’re not.” Deigen called over his shoulder while rushing off. Seth started to follow him but then stopped and turned back.

Wymer gulped. “Hi Seth.”

“Wymer.” The zombie simply spoke his name as a greeting while studying him.

“Is that little girl okay?”

“I’m sure she’ll be fine thanks to you pulling her out of trouble. You were much closer to her than any of us so that was much appreciated.”

“I’m not supposed to be helping your side though,” mumbled the henchman, looking down.

“You sound a little disappointed to be helping the Keepers. Maybe you should switch sides.”

“I don’t think I can, they probably wouldn’t like that.” Wymer gave a side glance toward Serena, who glared at them from atop the hill. “I’m a henchman and I’m supposed to be helping to attack you guys. We’re at war now after all I guess.” His face brightened and he threw his fist up with the little finger jutted out. “But war always has special stipulations, right? What if we pinky swear with each other?”

Seth looked down at the pudgy fist as though he were half considering whether or not to chomp it off. “Pinky swear?”

“You pinky swear not to try to eat me and I’ll pinky swear not harm anyone on your side.” Wymer wiggled his little finger at him. “Pinky swear.”

“Okay, sure.” Seth linked the little finger of his only remaining hand around the plump pinky of the henchman. “I pinky swear. Though you’ve already demonstrated proof of your intention to keep that promise with your retrieval of Meriall and I have nothing else to give so”—he kept his pinky locked around Wymer’s while pulling his hand away—“consider this the deposit.”

As Seth wobbled away, the poor henchman’s lower lip quivered at the torn off little finger that now rested in his shaking hand. Wymer turned back toward his own side and sighed at himself. “Mental note, never ask a zombie to pinky swear ever again.”


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  1. I’m never going to pinky swear with anyone ever again.

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