Once Upon a Time – Chap. 42.5


Kirkaronus shot a finger upward while elbowing Serena in her side. “I think those girls have the stone puzzle on top of that table – and it’s completed!”

Serena jabbed him back. “Impossible you idiot. There’s no way all of the pieces could have been found.”

Oh yes there is!” Sylvia ran across the table from her end to stand triumphantly over the stone puzzle. “And I’m going to hold it up to show you”—she bent over and grabbed the jagged plate-like object, grunting as it remained stubbornly unmoved—“just how powerful”—she pulled and grunted louder—“the magic from this can be when”—Sylvia finally gave up after a third tug delivered the same results—“Never mind!” She stood back to her full height, trying to still sound proud and confident. “I don’t need to hold it up, you obviously see it!”

Is it stuck on that table or something?” Serena squinted and craned her head forward. “I think it’s stuck.”

It’s not stuck at all.” Sylvia crossed her arms. “I just think it’s fine were it is.”

It is stuck and quite deliberately,” called out Gwendoloena, raising her hand up with an open palm toward the puzzle as if she expected Sylvia to toss it to her. “Some things shouldn’t revealed if using them can be avoided. But it seems some eyes are also too curious to keep anything hidden.” Still keeping her hand up, she wiggled her fingers in curling motion and the table began drifting toward her.

While the slow ride down elicited another mirthful squeal from Meriall, Sylvia stomped her foot atop their makeshift wooden airship that was soon to become grounded. “Why would we try to avoid using it? It’s in our possession and we know it could be powerful!” Before Gwendoloena could answer, Sylvia bent down and grabbed the stone puzzle by its edges again. Not having a clue what sort of spell she was supposed to chant in order to get the puzzle to actually do anything, time seemed to dictate that she just needed to wing it with what came to mind:

Run and hide villains below

For what awaits you is nothing but trouble,

Raining down upon your heads shall be—”

A bunch of bubbles!” cheered Meriall beside her.

Bubbles?” Sylvia let go of the puzzle to stand and heave an annoyed sigh at the little girl. “Meriall, you can’t blurt things out like that when I’m trying to do a spell.”

Meriall shrugged an apology. “But it sounded like just another poem. And that one was starting off even more lousy than the last one so I wanted to help.”

Fine, but you probably made me mess things up when I—”

Ooooh,” cooed one of the henchman under them, “look at all the bubbles coming down!”

Don’t touch them!” yelled Serena

But they’re so pretty,” lamented another henchman like a child who had just been told they had to put their toys away for bed. “And look at how big they’re getting!”

Sylvia and Meriall turned almost in unison to look back at the stone puzzle, which now spewed out tiny bubbles that gradually grew larger as they floated over their heads and then slowly sank. With great reluctance, Sylvia bent down and peered over the table’s edge to find that the bubbles truly did continue growing as they made their descent. More strange, the bubbles were barely translucent and instead appeared to be filled with different colored gases. The colors themselves belonged to a confused palette: Many of the bubbles were a rosy red or almost lilac pink. Some were sickly yellow or an equally putrid shade of green. A couple beheld a whitish or gray tint and even fewer possessed a more soothing blue or purple tone.

Sylvia stood and sighed at the little girl again. “Meriall, you made me let go of the puzzle and end my spell with ‘raining down upon your heads shall be bubbles’. That sounds dumb, it’s not what I meant to say at all.”

“That’s okay, I like it.” Meriall jumped and clapped as a handful of more colorful orbs drifted away. “And some of the bubbles are pretty, don’t you think so?”

“But you can’t fight evil with bubbles.” Sylvia lost her footing as the table finally landed and instinctively grabbed the hand that reached out to keep her from falling on her face. As she looked up, its owner appeared displeased with the spell’s results as well.

“I would normally agree with you my dear Sylvia,” Gwendoloena paused to shake her head at one of the man-sized bubbles that now jiggled and bounced along the ground, “however, it seems that you have decided we will in fact be fighting evil with bubbles today.”


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