Once Upon a Time – Chap. 42.1

Though it’s just a wee bit shy of actually still being Sunday, I admittedly am making this post later than planned. I partly blame WordPress for not wanting to post earlier but mostly blame my ancient computer and it’s inability to handle certain simple requests. Okay, I totally blame my ancient computer but at least my hubby’s more cooperative one was up to the task. Apologies for the Monday “Sunday” post!  😦

Wymer_and_zombies_colored“But I don’t see anything!” Kirkaronus complained as much to himself as he did the cyclone of birds ahead of them. The entire massive flock circled around an empty patch of the same barren desert sand that stretched out towards the distant mountains. “I thought those feathered knuckleheads were supposed to find the castle for us?”

“They have.” Serena stopped her horse and gave a pleased smile. “It’s right under them.”

You see it?”

“Of course not, it’s invisible. To any of us at least. But there’s somethings you can’t keep hidden from everything.” She nodded toward the bare space of apparent nothingness. “Our birds have found the castle with it’s vampires and now that we’re close enough,” Serena turned to the carts full of zombies behind them, “our other friends will be able to seek out everyone those fanged fools are keeping safe.”

Kirkaronus sighed. “I hope you’re right, otherwise we’re the ones making fools of ourselves.” Still staring ahead and squinting as if doing so might help his eyes catch a glimpse of what they refused to see, he tossed a nonchalant hand up in the air. “Very well then. Wymer, release the zombies.”

Upon hearing nothing, Kirkaronus and Serena turned in unison to find the fat henchman standing in front of the zombie carts and pouting as though one of the rotting monsters had stolen his last sandwich. The pout became more pitiful as he accompanied it with a whine. “But if we let them out now, they’ll try to eat us.”

“As if you couldn’t stand to lose a pound or two.” Serena rolled her eyes. “They won’t harm you, I placed a spell on all of us earlier to make them think we’re not living.”

Wymer gave the moaning carts another look over. “But do we really need to use zombies? Maybe we don’t need to attack the castle at all. Every one there is really nice. I bet if we just sit down and talk with them—”

“Someone other than Wymer release the zombies.” Kirkaronus gave the fat man a dissatisfied glare while two of the other henchmen proved they could follow instructions. “I hope you remember which side you’re on when we start fighting.”

Without even waiting for an answer, both Serena and Kirkaronus turned back around. Wymer let out a loud gulp as the zombies stumbled out of their carts and then an equally loud sigh of relief as they ignored him to stagger toward the invisible castle. His pout continued however as he thought back to a goblet of mead that turned to water and the prediction that maybe, just maybe, he wasn’t as horrible and evil as he proclaimed himself to be.


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