And now for something completely different…

Hello Everyone and Happy Hump Day! (Poor Wednesday, we really need to come up with a better nickname for you).

As usual, we’ll continue our story snippets this Sunday but I wanted to take a quick break from that and shine some light toward another bit of eye candy, the moving picture version to be exact. Some long time readers may know that I originally hail from the majestic land called North Carolina and my husband Isaac works in film. Okay, NC may not be majestic to some but it’s a great place and you should totally visit if you’ve never been there (I suggest the Asheville area during Fall for first timers). Now back to the film part of my spiel.

While living in the best of the 50 states, Isaac met a cool cat director name Michael Babbitt and they’ve worked on quite a few projects together. Mr. Cool Cat has a feature film cooking in the oven and a collection of short films as appetizers. Some of the shorts are ones that Isaac helped work on this past December and I’ll try do a quick post as the new ones become ready for release. In the meantime, please saunter (or skip, waddle, sneaky sneaky walk) on over to the Endless Whispers to learn about the film and check out the featurettes already completed: (home page) (info about the film and a good place to start)

Brief disclaimer: while I think everyone is pretty accustomed to my blog’s lean towards the whimsical and adorable, such is not the case for characters you’ll meet in Babbitt’s tales. Enjoy everyone!  🙂


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