Once Upon a Time – Chap. 36.1

Pick_a_cloak_coloredAfter preparing a cart full of goodwill gifts and making sure the three mortal travelers had enough provisions themselves for a two day trip, one important yet seemingly impossible task remained: getting Trevor to change his wardrobe.

But I don’t want to wear a different cloak,” the former henchman whined like an overgrown toddler past their nap time. “I like mine, I’ve worn this one for years!”

Yes and you wore it while in service to the Keepers.” Deigen sighed for the fiftieth time since their tug of war began. “Which, again, are evil. Evil equals bad and we don’t like evil bad things here. Besides that, they’re the ones you, Simone, and Ian are going to warn people about,” he rolled his eyes at the brown blanket that nearly swallowed Trevor, “and you can’t warn them about an enemy when you’re wearing that enemy’s blasted clothing!”

Lots of people wear brown cloaks.”

Not ones like that.” Deigen held up the two trade offs he’d offered when first starting what he presumed would be a quick discussion. “I have a nice gray cloak and a blue one here. Pick one of these.”

Trevor darted his eyes back and forth at them, his frown growing longer. “The blue one looks like a woman’s and I don’t like the gray one.”

What’s wrong with the gray one?”

It’s too light, it’ll get dirty too easy.”

So wash it.” Deigen motioned toward Ian who stood behind him, looking over the book of inventions with Simone and Albert. “Even Ian traded his outlandish clothes for a black cloak without any fuss.”

I want a black cloak,” said Trevor.

We only had one black one and Ian’s wearing it,” groaned Deigen. He held the two cloaks in his now clenched fists back up. “Gray or blue. Decide.”

Trevor leaned in slightly, giving careful inspection of the two again. For a brief moment, Deigen even had delusions that a decision was about to be made. When Trevor eased back into his normal stance, however, he still bore a mighty pout. “Do you have a white cloak?”

You just said a moment ago the gray one was too light and would show dirt quicker!” Deigen shook the gray cloak at him. “How much quicker do you think a white one will do that!”

Albert hobbled up beside the vampire with an amused grin over their spectacle of the past ten minutes. “So how’s it going?”

He doesn’t want to get rid of that brown cloak,” Deigen gave his response in a near growl while scowling at Trevor, “and he’s coming up with ridiculous excuses not to wear anything else.”

Now that’s really quite a surprise, Trevor,” said Albert in a tone that suggested he bore at least a remedial amount of amazement over the henchman’s stubbornness. “You’re still after my dear niece’s heart aren’t you?”

Well, why yes, but—”

Don’t you know her least favorite color in the whole world is brown?”

Trevor’s face took on a whole new level of alarm. “It is?”

Why yes,” continued Albert with a mournful shake of his head, “absolutely hates it. Her favorite color though, just happens to be,” he gave the two choices in Deigen’s possession a quick glance, “eh, gray. In fact, I bet if you wore a gray cloak instead of that drab brown one, she’d adore it. And gray is a good strong color, it’s the color of steel and armor worn by knights. Why Trevor, you could be dressed in a cloak of manly heroism and my niece’s favorite color! Why ever would you pass that off?”

Trevor’s jaw dropped and he took a step back, regarding the gray cloak as if it had suddenly began to glow with all of Albert’s promises. Without another word, he snatched the garment from Deigen’s hand and ran off with it into the next room.

Deigen blinked twice before speaking. “Well, I hope that means he’s going to change into that one.” He turned to the zombie. “So that’s the cloak of manly heroism he just took, eh?”

It got him to stop fussing over his brown one didn’t it?” Albert shrugged. “Though admittedly, I do realize that I just made things more much difficult for myself in trying to keep that lad away from my niece.”

And is her favorite color really gray?”

The zombie shrugged again. “How should I know? Maybe.” He turned and began hobbling back over to Ian and Simone. “On second thought, maybe it’s blue.”


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