Once Upon a Time – Chap. 35.1

Trevor_waving_coloredBirds? Ah, yes,” Deigen nodded in such a way that it might be easy to mistake him for a sage sharing long awaited wisdom if not for his bizarre top canines and deathly pale skin. “The Keepers used birds back when they tried to rule over everyone centuries ago. But I seriously doubt they would try that same trick twice, especially since the first time barely worked.”

But that’s what Seth and Wymer told me,” argued Simone, still sitting on the edge of the couch near sleeping Ian. “A bunch of villagers turned into birds and something horrible was going to happen to them if Seth didn’t complete some task in time.”

Nearly an hour had passed since Gwendoloena disappeared down the stairway with Seth and Wymer. Within five minutes, Sylvia became bored and went back to the library but everyone else stayed in the small parlor for their own reasons. Ian remained unconscious again, which put moving anywhere out of the question. For Simone, it was simply the fact she had nowhere else in this strange castle to be and the most fetching fellow she’d ever met slept just inches away. The two vampires, Deigen and V were eager to hear what she had to say about Wymer and the Keepers’ plans despite her lack of actual helpful information. While Trevor wanted very much to leave, it was also quite clear he aimed to head toward the library and Sylvia’s uncle wouldn’t have any part of it. The zombie leaned against the room’s only doorway with arms crossed and seemed to remain primarily just to keep the lovesick lad in sight.

What task did Seth need to complete?” asked Deigen.

I dunno.” Simone shrugged. “Seth told me what little I can share but I’m sorry to say that’s not much. And that Wymer fellow didn’t want to tell me anything except how wonderful these Keepers are.”

They’re not wonderful, trust us.” V groaned at the mention of them. A second groan made the vampire seem like ventriloquist until a third came very obviously from the couch.

I believe our other world visitor is waking up again,” said Deigen, leaning over with a nod.

Remember how he fainted when he saw Gwendoloena earlier?” called out Trevor. “Guess he’s still not used to being here.”

Eh, that might be more due to the fact that Albert and I would have eaten him had it not been for the good queen’s intervention,” corrected V while sharing a look of guilt with the zombie.

And in that case,” Deigen reached over and grabbed Trevor by the shoulders to move him to the couch’s edge like a giant chess piece, “you and Simone should be the only ones he sees when he first wakes up.”

Um, but I don’t know what to say.” Trevor watched the vampire flee from sight as Ian’s eyes fluttered open. He attempted to smile at the waking man but the resulting grin couldn’t have been more creepy than if one of the room’s hiding monsters gave it. This was not helped by the fact Trevor also raised a nervous hand up and stiffly waved it while speaking in a whispery voice. “Don’t worry, no one’s going to eat you.”

Looks like you’re going to eat him with that crazy man welcome of yours.” Simone jabbed him in the side with her elbow, which at least made Trevor’s scary wave and smile go away. “What are you doing, trying to terrify him?”

No.” Trevor pouted. “But we don’t want him to know he’s in the same room with two vampires and a zombie yet do we?”

Deigen let out a sigh and strolled back toward the couch. “Good job not divulging that secret just yet, Trevor.”


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