Once Upon a Time – Chap. 34.3



Wymer snatched the goblet closest to him and peered into the bottom. He snorted, giving Gwendolena a zealous roll of his eyes and twirling the goblet like an ornate baton. “And what exactly are you up to now, queenie? Do you expect us to drink air?”

The vampire offered him a look of surprise in response. “Dear friend, do you truly presume me so foolish or rude? What you have in fact is a very special cup, one which knows its holder’s palate quite well.” She nodded toward his hand. “And I would ask you to be so kind as to cease that needless spinning before you spill something.”

Spill something? But I just looked in the blasted thing, there’s nothing”—Wymer stopped twirling and stared at the goblet, now right side up and filled to its brim with a golden brown liquid—“say, is that mead?”

Gwendolena leaned forward just enough to examine the goblet’s contents. “Why yes, I believe it is.”

The Keepers never let us have any, that lot keeps all the good stuff they steal for themselves,” Wymer whispered to the mead as though it were his liquid counselor. “I’ve only had water and wine more fit to be vinegar for the longest time. I’d almost forgotten what a real drink to drunken smelled like.” And on that note, he closed his eyes and brought the goblet up to his nose.

Seth rose a brow, sharing the queen’s amusement as his traveling companion continued sniffing in the beverage like a flower. “Like mead I take it, Nancy?”

My name’s Wymer, you walking sack of maggots,” he snapped before tilting his head back to guzzle down the goblet’s contents.

Seth, you have a goblet as well.”

The queen’s reminder forced Seth to jerk his head toward the empty goblet remaining in front of him. He reluctantly reached out with shut eyes and grasped the stem, already knowing what his would show. Sure enough, when he cracked his lids open again, the goblet in his hand now held exactly what any zombie would most desire.

He had a goblet full of brains.


Here were are just a week from Turkey Day and gaining quick ground toward Christmas. Very quick ground (December comes right after the end of November? How’d that happen?). And like last year, I’m going the tasty homemade route with most of my presents and will be making (hopefully) adorable gift baskets for loved ones. Since we’re trekking up two states before Christmas even gets here, I have less time than usual to create those adorable gifts.

And so wonderful readers, I have to take a mini blog break and focus on my baking, stencil drawing, and experimenting until then. If this goes like last year, there will also be a fair amount of swearing on my part when the experimenting side goes awry. Granted that’s not particularly in the spirit of the season but my end result will look just as pretty and joyful as the Christmas tunes I’ll be jamming to so it evens out. And when I say mini break, this is just for a few weeks until all that organized chaos is over – we’ll be back on December 28th.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, there’s something about this November-January time frame that moves at a faster rate than the rest of the year so I have no doubt the time will fly for all of us.  But I love you all dearly and wish I could bake each and every one of you a loaf of bread or some yummy thumbprint cookies to make up for the break. Since that would be odd and likely impossible, I’ll leave the baking to our favorite friendly vampire queen, Gwendolena. And since she has more of it to do later, I’ll leave some of that up to you readers. Anything from savory pies to sugar cookies that make you grow fangs, this gal can whip up. So if there is anything you’d like Gwendolena to make, just mention in the comments either here or after we start back up and it’ll go on the menu. We just stopped at a part where we have a goblet full brains, so nothing’s too outlandish (though I wouldn’t recommend bringing that particular dish to the office Christmas party).


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