Once Upon a Time – Chap. 34.2

Dear readers, this is a very short snippet and apologies for that. I tend to work on next snippets/illustrations on the weekend and this has been quite a busy one indeed.

A couple of the major and minor moments: my husband and I were glad we’d planned on getting to a friend’s wedding early when we hopped in the car only to find it refused to start. After two jumps to make it to O’Reilly’s Auto Parts  (who I’d highly recommend for anyone near one), we got a new battery to replace the one that had become toast…and we still made it to the wedding! Granted, we got there literally as the bride was making her way down the aisle but we sneaked around the open bar area and slid in to the already standing crowd so I don’t think our fashionable lateness was much noticed. Today had it’s own share of fun when the supposedly repaired leaky area in our bathroom wall and the laundry room started raining indoors. But everything’s semi-dry now and a plumber will be here tomorrow morning so we’ll at least be able to sleep tonight without wondering if we should buy a boat. Actually, given that there’s never a “good” time to have a dead battery, everything worked out as well and perfectly as it possibly could given the actual timing it occurred and I can only attribute that to nothing short of a prayer-powered miracle. And given that we made it to the wedding and more importantly made it home on Saturday, I can deal with a few indoor raindrops.

But on with the snippet!  🙂


Seeing Gwendoloena suddenly bathed in the sunlight streaming in made Wymer’s confused frown grow longer. “But you can’t do that! You’re a vampire, you should be frying like an egg or turning to dust!”

Not for anyone here.” Gwendolena spoke with her back still turned to her guests, moving both arms in small circles over the table and directly in front of her. “And that old wife’s tale was perhaps true long ago but only for those who’s hearts matched their appearance. I on the other hand,” she let her arms down while stepping to the table’s edge and turning to face them, “am simply a good hostess. Won’t you please each take a glass?”

Seth and Wymer eyed two new objects sitting in the table’s center, silver goblets with metal and glass stems. Upon cautious approach, the goblets seemed an unlikely source for refreshment since both were completely empty.


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