Once Upon a Time – Chap. 33.1


Ian felt certain he’d wake up from this bizarre dream that trapped him for what seemed like days now. Friendly vampires who abhorred the idea of sinking their fangs into anyone. Chatty zombies who made brain-flavored vitamins. That sword injury that felt so real and watching two hungry monsters charge toward him. What exactly had he eaten for his subconscious to conjure this  sort of gobbledygook? He felt sleep giving way to his nice, normal life and breathed a sigh of relief. But as his eyelids shuttered open to give first glimpse back at reality, Ian found the dream still continued. Surrounding him were the same castle walls. Nearby, he heard the familiar yet impossible voices of V and Albert. Considering what his last sight of the two involved, he would have bolted away at the sound of them being so close were it not for the angel standing before him. An angel decked out in a pink dress ready for the Renaissance festival and wavy blond hair. The angel took a surprised step back at finding him awake but leaned closer again with the most beautiful smile he’d ever seen. Ian started to sit himself up to speak to the angel but stopped abruptly when Gwendoloena’s pasty white face popped into view over him.

“Well now, you’re looking much better than you did about an hour ago.” A frightening pair of abnormally long canines hanging out from under her top lip derailed all sense of ease she tried to bestow. “How are you feeling, dear?”

Whether due to the motherly fanged monster asking questions or the fact he’d probably attempted sitting up too soon Ian wasn’t certain but the world suddenly began to fade away. He managed one last gaze at the angel in the pink dress before slipping back into unconsciousness again.


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  1. Anyone with fangs like those has my attention from the get-go! 😉

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