Before our monsters, friends, and foes step back on stage…

I think it’s safe to say that before we move on with Once Upon a Time, an epic recap is in order.

Readers who have been following for a while may remember we had a four month break about a year ago when my husband and I moved from NC to GA and I did a recap of chapters 1-21 before starting back up. Fairly new folks would have missed that recap and may experience a jaw drop if they try catching up by simply going all the way back to the very first chapter. Yes, these snippets have been going on that long. Needless to say, typing up a paragraph or two once a week is not the fastest way to write anything. It’s also the reason why there’s now 31 chapters – some things needed to broken up a little differently because I simply can’t imagine anyone with enough time on their hands to read an actual full chapter in a single post. Before starting their tale on this blog, however, Sylvia and her friends only existed as a choppy collection of ideas  (half written and the other half gathering digital dust in my computer). As I’ve mentioned before, if it weren’t for the weekly snippets, our dear young magician and her Halloween-ready pals would very likely have remained in that dismal, limbo state of almost being a story forever.

On that note, yet another round of gratitude is due both to everyone that’s been along for the ride awhile and all of the new readers – you are the audience to this story in the works, this strange journey Sylvia stumbled upon the moment she found her village deserted. Again, ten thousand thank you’s for tagging along and a million more for your patience during all the breaks both long and short!

Regardless of whether you recently joined us or not, a quick revisit to those first 21 chapters is just a click away here:

And now, for our recap of chapters 22 – where we last left off!

Chapters 22 – 24:

Once_Recap_Chap22_thru_24We learn the otherworldly visitor who suddenly appeared at the end of chapter 21 (through a portal of blinding light, what else?) is named Ian.  Gwendoloena does her best to convince the poor lad he’s not in danger and reclaims the pendant pieces Sylvia almost stole just before his arrival. The next morning, Ian tries to wrap his head around the fact that a zombie just made him scrambled eggs while Sylvia suddenly finds even water tastes unbearably sour. Seeming to take great offense to Sylvia’s lack of table manners, Gwendoloena has her quarantined but we learn this is actually due to fear that our young magician may be cursed to become a monster with an appetite preferring anyone living for breakfast.

Chapters 25 – 25.6:

Once_Recap_Chap22_thru_25.6jpgWe rejoin Seth as he tries to make his way to the Kingdom of Fools, this time with one of the Keepers’ henchmen as a traveling companion. After finding themselves lost in the night woods, they stumble upon a rundown house with light glowing out from every window. Seth at first assumes the bizarrely  bright illumination is due to magic until they enter the humble abode and look up – to find light bulbs powered by dozens upon dozens of potatoes hanging from the ceiling.

Chapters 25.7 – 26:

Once_Recap_Chap25.7_thru_26After attacking her visitors with shoes and an umbrella, the house’s owner calms down enough to introduce herself and we learn her name is Simone. She also happens to be an aspiring inventor of Uncle Albert’s caliber, which proves helpful when she’s able to greet several uninvited zombies with her newly made pellet machine (ahem, shot gun). Back in the Kingdom of Fools, Uncle Albert has also been busy inventing and creates vitamins in attempt to keep his niece alive. Whether they work or not really doesn’t have time to be seen due to Sylvia’s condition deteriorating to the point that V needs to keep her from trying to devour Ian.

Chapters 27 – 27.6:

Once_Recap_Chap27_thru_27 Letting his love for Sylvia see past her slow transformation into a zombie, Trevor attempts to win her affections with stolen flowers and what he presumes to be wine. Deigen stops the former henchman sweetheart in his tracks while Sylvia causes property damage after learning Gwendoloena was once a apprentice of the Keepers. Meanwhile, Simone threatens to shoot her annoying cloaked guest and saves the friendly zombie one from their umbrella prison. Seth learns one of Uncle Albert’s murderers was Simone’s brother and that he apparently gave the zombie’s book about other-worldly inventions to her as a present. Nothing says ‘happy birthday’ like a dead man’s stolen journal.

Chapters 27.7 – 29.1:

Once_Recap_Chap27.7_thru_29When Simone announces she intends to join Seth and Nancy on their journey to the Kingdom of Fools, Nancy tries to put his foot down and demand she stay home. Seth threatens and actually tries to eat him over the matter, which makes Nancy quickly agree that her tagging along is just fine. Meanwhile, Sylvia learns the only way to halt her steady progression into an undead brain-eater is to become a vampire. When the person turning you into a pale, fanged monster happens to be Gwendoloena, the transformation mainly involves cookies and tea. Outside the castle, V and Uncle Albert begin fighting practice with Ian and Trevor in attempt to teach them how to do more than hide or run when faced with a hungry monster.

Chapters 29.2 – 30.3:

Once_Recap_Chap29.2_thru_30Fighting practice goes awry when Ian manages to stab himself in the leg. While Trevor runs off to go fetch help, V and Uncle Albert both try not to attack the delicious person leaking blood all over the ground. We rejoin Seth and his two new friends on their journey just in time for them to run into a small pack of zombies – one of them turning out to be Simone’s brother. Seth tries to stop her from having a family reunion but first has to deal with his arm becoming a weapon.

Chapters 30.4 – 31.3:

Once_Recap_Chap30.4_thru_31Simone proves she still has awesome aim by saving the day with her pellet machine again and the trio continue toward the Kingdom of Fools. It’s not until they’ve been wandering in the desert for a while that Seth remembers the castle is actually invisible. Fortunately, Gwendoloena is not only looking out for them but has a trick up her sleeve for keeping Ian from becoming lunch as well.

And now that we’re all caught up, time to move on again with a new chapter next week – see you then!

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  1. Your drawings are what draws me into your world! Keep up the great work, as it’s imaginative and inventive!

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