I wish I knew how to do a back flip!

Confetti and happy dance timeFuture Memories: Prelude is finished!

I’m roughly two months off from my original July deadline but, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this was a work of revision that involved chainsaws and machetes (and in some places, duct tape because it fixes everything).

So what happens next? Now I start divvying out query letters to publishers and our dear friends in Once Upon a Time will be able to finally get back on stage.  Next post, we’ll start talking re-cap to get all us up to speed on things before we jump into the next round.

But for now, it is after 11:30 and well past the time for me to become a pumpkin – finished novel or not, tomorrow is still Monday and this writer needs her beauty sleep if she doesn’t want to be a zombie.


Found this image with the help of Google – when it’s almost midnight, I’m not going to attempt my own scribbles. Actually, this poor guy looks like he could either be a zombie or a mime after a really rough day on the streets.




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