Almost There!

Half a chapter left – woo hoo! Almost Done!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m going to try the traditional route with publishing Future Memories so this massive cleanup to what consisted of the first, hopeful yet sad draft may not be this novel’s only facelift. Though my own neurotic “no, no, it’s not reaaaaady yet!” voice that’s almost kept the poor dear from ever seeing the light of day won’t be the one initiating those changes, it will be an editor’s hopefully much less neurotic voice.


I am SO grateful for the invention of things like computers and word processing programs. If I had to rely on a typewriter while writing FM, I’d still be on the first draft.

So as excited as I am to almost say “The End” on getting this novel finished, I have no delusions that the work is really over. Besides that, this baby would probably be almost impossible to market if not for the existence of the Christian Science Fiction genre (yep, there is one). While my novel is set in the future, has alien mad scientists, a robot, and space travel as common as taking the city bus; it’s also told with Christian worldview undertones, particularly with one of the protagonists. That may sound like two extremes trying to meet but I’m thankfully not the only Christian out there that loves speculative fiction.


Not my pic, but this image popped up several times when I beckoned Google’s assistance. If there were a bumper sticker of this, it would so be on my car.

That being said, there’s still some Christians who immediately shy away from anything “too supernatural” and I’m sure many people in general for whom the idea of mixing of anything “religious” with sci-fi  just doesn’t mesh. The Christian publishing world itself pretty much stayed away from that realm like the plague  until independent presses like Enclave Publishing appeared so, like I said, battle yet begun.

On the flip side of all that, it’s pretty much a given that Once Upon a Time will be sailing the self published seas when it’s all said and done. When you post the entirety of your WIP as episodic snippets on your blog, there is simply no other road to choose that self publishing. (Take a peek at my “Post at Your Own Risk” mini soapbox under the Works in Progress tab if you wonder why). Though if anyone is also now wondering, no, Once is not written with intention of being Christian Fantasy (though there’s a market for that too). This isn’t Narnia that Sylvia and her zombie uncle dwell in. Spoiler alert though –  good will triumph over evil!



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