Progress with Cat Approval

One and a half chapters left, ladies and gents!   

That’s all I have left in the re-writes/editing extravaganza I’ve been tackling with Future Memories.  It’s not quite worthy of an official happy dance moment but does warrant the high five one of our cats gave me.  (Okay, she was actually stretching her paw out in her usual ‘it’s been ten minutes since you pet me, don’t you still love me?’ manner but I’ll take it as a feline high five).

I’m tempted to cheat and say it’s just one chapter left since the half portion of that that is mostly knocked out but I’m not doing it. No lies, no stretching the truth.

Just kitty high fives step by step.

Not my cat, but a very cute substitute. Why can't I capture her pose when I've had camera in hand?

Not my cat, but a very cute substitute. Why can’t I capture our cat’s pose when I’ve had camera in hand?

At this rate, we should be starting back up with the Once Upon a Time posts sometime in October. A thousand thank you’s to all those of you who have been patiently, patiently waiting, and ten thousand more for my slooow crawl in getting things wrapped up with FM.  Since the main characters include vampires and zombies, it actually feels somewhat appropriate to jump back in to things when Halloween draws near.  And speaking of holidays laden with candy corn, we’re also steadily approaching my absolute favorite time of the year. Oh yes, tomorrow is:


Okay, maybe none of the leaves are falling in red, orange, and golden yellow splendor just yet but the time is drawing near!

The first day of fallhooray! Cool, chilly nights. All the fun, festive hoopla just around the corner. That earthy, strangely alluring scent of leaves decomposing all around you when strolling through the woods. Yes, this is the most wonderful time of the year!

Oh great. Now I have that dreaded Christmas song they start playing relentlessly in stores just before Thanksgiving going through my head. That’s another happy thing about this time – yes, you see all the major holidays side by side in the stores already but you don’t hear them just yet.


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  1. I love what you did with the colors in that second last paragraph. Creative! And, this has to be my absolute favorite time of year. I love the colors, the change in season, the colors. Did I mention the colors? It’s so beautiful!

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