Another Chapter Down – Hooray!

Slow and steady wins the race. I’m pretty sure that’s how the phrase goes, though it certainly never proved true during the few times I did sack races as a kid. Not falling down on your bum probably helps considerably in that arena though.


No, I’m not pictured in this line up (though I’d likely be the center girl having trouble getting started). I mainly included this pic in case there’s anyone who never got to experience this field day wonder.

Happily, it does appear to ring true in writing because I now have another chapter edited.  So instead of four chapters standing in my way of having this puppy done, we’re now down to three. Three, ah ah ah!


Ah, The Count. Who doesn’t love a left-brained vampire who’s main mission in life is to make sure little kids know their numbers?

And, of course, as I get closer to putting the wraps on FM’s editing, we also get closer to starting back up with Once. We will definitely have a beginning-to-now recap similar to ones we’ve had in the past. This will be as much to help you get your bearings straight as it will me (and for us all to keep our sanity).

I mentioned in a post before the break that I want to keep the same basic snippet format but also need to get things rolling a little quicker. There’s some characters still wondering if they’ll ever get to go back out on stage or if they should just start playing cards in the wings. One thing we did a couple times in the past to cut back and forth was make use of the lovely Meanwhile… sort of shift. I’m still working out exactly what the solution will be but I do promise I won’t resort to using Meanwhile.. with every single post. Like salt added to soup, I’m aware that’s an option which should only be used sparingly or else you risk both taste and heath consequences.

Pepper’s fine though, you can never have too much pepper.  🙂





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