If at first you don’t succeed, just get the blasted thing done!


If Gwendoloena found herself sadly past the mid-July deadline to finish editing a novel with still four chapters left,  she’d likely be capable of freezing time to avoid any further tragedy. She wouldn’t do it, our lovely queen never the type for resorting to such an easy way out, but  I’m  sure it would be within her capability. If Sylvia found herself in the same predicament and actually attempted to freeze time, she would probably blow something up.

Fortunately, I am not Sylvia and quite unfortunately, I am also not Gwendoloena. Not that I would ever stoop to such a level either, no, no, no, never. Mmmmm…maybe. But here we are in August and those four chapters  still stand between me and being able to actually put the pen down (and began the joy of query letter writing).  I’ve been trudging along but progress is making its merry way slower than obviously planned. So do I throw in the towel and hang my head in shame at failure? Of course not – it’s only four chapters! I’m in single digit land and down to counting on one hand – we can do this!

While I continue racing toward the finish line on a tricycle, however, I’m  aware there are some serious cobwebs that have started to grow around here. We’re not at the point where we can really start back up with Sylvia and her perfectly normal, nonmonstrous friends just yet but it’s high time I at least dusted this place.  And I’m a believer in public accountability. That all being the case, what I’m aiming to do is start the regular Sunday blog posts back up this weekend – sans story but with updates of where we’re at with both Future Memories and getting back to Once.

So see you this Sunday – and Sylvia, we’ll be seeing you again before all the pumpkin, turkey, and toy pimping holidays start up,  I promise! (I would say before the holidays start showing up next to each other in the aisles but Kroger and all the other stores apparently think Halloween starts before Labor Day).



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2 responses to “If at first you don’t succeed, just get the blasted thing done!

  1. I’m working on a novel myself, so I completely understand where you’re coming from.

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