Once Upon a Time – Chap. 31.3

During April, we took a break so I could give Future Memories (my novel with the summer deadline to stick a fork in and call it done) more attention. As the mid-July deadline I set for myself draws near, another short breather from blog land is needed my friends. Actually, this is both for FM and to work out  an new outline that will get our dear characters in this story on a speedier journey.  Anyone remember Bastiick? For those that do, I promise he hasn’t been erased from existence – it’s just taking a while to get back to him with the current snippets but he’ll be back soon. (By the way, he’s still under the Keepers’ spell that makes him only talk about how awesome they are so he’s not your best bet for lively dinner conversation).

What I’m planning here is to come back in early August (sorry no date yet but I’ll post that as we get close). And as always when we step away for bit, we’ll have one more snippet before this little blog vacation. And sooo….


During his days of training for becoming one of the royal guards, Vandalarius dealt with endless practice in several potential situations to prepare him physically and mentally. None of those situations ever involved manhandling a ravenous zombie to protect someone he himself wanted to eat but things are a bit different when you’re a vampire.

Graaaagh!” Albert bellowed out a mouthful of stenching air on V that nearly caused his appetite to flee. “Let me go, I have to get to the food!”

Albert,” V turned his head and took a breath before continuing, “We aren’t going to eat Ian, we need to help him.”

Then why are you blocking me!” Albert slapped his stiff undead arms against him. “Besides, if he keeps trying to remove that sword he’s going to be dead one way or another.”

What?” V whirled around to find a grimace-faced Ian attempting to yank the sword from his leg. “No, Ian, stop! You’ll bleed more if you do that!”

So what?” Ian finally managed to pull the weapon out. “If I don’t have this thing in my hand when one of you tries to jump me, a little extra bleeding isn’t going to be my biggest problem.”

V desperately tried to shield his nose again with one hand while still holding Albert back with his other. Unfortunately he neglected to look away from Ian this time and stood mesmerized by the delightful new pool of red gushing out.

Ian let out an audible gulp during the brief moment he and V locked eyes with one another. “Er, maybe a little extra bleeding will be my biggest problem.” Then, either because of the extra loss of blood or suddenly knowing exactly how a mouse feels just before the cat’s pounce, he fainted.

Gwendoloena, I tried to keep my resolve and failed,” V whispered his future apology to the queen before letting go of Albert entirely and jumping toward the sleeping lump. However, something quite unexpected happened before his fangs had chance to reach their target. A blinding light (V thought white at first but then it seemed all the colors in world were attacking him) shot out from around the lump. V found himself still in the air but now falling backwards. The rainbow tornado spit him onto the ground where V laid on his back and watched the swirling winds dissipate nearly as quickly as they had appeared.

V?” Albert’s dazed and close by voice signified that the zombie went through the same ride. “What just happened?”

I believe Trevor must have been successful in fetching Gwendoloena.” V blinked, still trying to regain his senses. “Either that or Ian exploded.”

A familiar woman’s hand reached down toward him from the sky, and as V took it to rise to his feet, he found it did indeed belong to his queen.


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  1. I love the name Gwendoloena. I think it’s one of those exotic names I’ve never encountered but always wanted to hear. It sort of rolls of the tongue like a song. Gwendoloena! 🙂

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