Once Upon a Time – Chap. 31.2



Gwendoloena watched three travelers wander toward the castle’s entrance. Though quite close, the possibility still remained for them to walk straight through and past the structure’s invisible walls if she chose to let them. But one of these travelers had held an anticipated return. Certainly worse for wear then last time she saw him, poor dear only had one arm left, it seemed the group’s left behind zombie member had finally made his way back.

Not the sort of minions I though Serena and her Keeper friends would send you to us with, Seth,” mused the vampire as if he could hear her from far below.

Your Majesty!” One of the tower guards rushed into the room, causing the door to bang loudly against her bedroom chamber’s stone walls. “I have news of three—

Sebastian, this is not the library or some other public area of the castle.” Gwendoloena turned and pouted at him. “Please have the courtesy to at least knock before barging in.”

Sebastian took a sheepish step back to gently knock on the open door.

Thank you.” She nodded her approval. “Now, you have news?”

Yes, your Majesty,” Sebastian took a bold leap back to his original position before being reprimanded. “Three people are making their way towards the castle.”

Is is the same woman, pudgy man, and zombie I spotted before you alerted me?” Gwendoloena asked with amusement.

The guards remaining excitement depleted entirely. “Yes, your Majesty.”

Oh Sebastian, don’t be glum. We spotted them and that’s what counts. Now then, I suppose we should let them in, what do you think?”

Eh well, one of them is that Seth fellow the young magician befriended I think.”

Indeed.” Gwendoloena closed her eyes and silently moved her lips for a moment. She looked back at Sebastian and nodded. “The castle is now visible to our guests. Please arrange for Deigen to meet them at the main gate. I will be there shortly.”

Yes, your Majesty.” As Sebastian turned, he nearly collided with a white-faced and frantic Trevor rushing in.

Your Majesty, help, help, you have to help!” Trevor bent over slightly, panting catch his breath.

Oh course, Trevor.” Gwendoloena spoke as if he’d just calmly strode in. “What seems to be the matter?”

Trevor took in a large gulp of air before speaking. “Ian injured himself and he’s bleeding badly and now V and Albert are trying not to eat him but one’s a vampire and the other’s a zombie so I don’t know how long they can manage before he becomes lunch!”

Gwendoloena rose a brow at the news but otherwise displayed little sign of worry. “Well, that won’t do at all. I told Vandalarius it was too early to try using that real sword in their fight practice.” As she hurried out of the room, she made one final nod to the guard. “Sebastian, please let Deigen and our guests know that I may be a bit delayed in making my way to speak with them.”


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