Once Upon a Time – Chap. 30.3 (and the not so great week)

My apologies on this snippet being so short, dear readers. This has been a rough, rough week – Gizmo went missing this Tuesday and there’s no sign of her coming back yet. If you’ve been a follower of this blog for a while, you’ve probably had opportunity to meet her through a post or two. I’ve heard of cats being gone for a few days and just showing back up when they darn well please but this little one’s never been the type to do that. Though I’ve tried to keep an attitude of “the show must go on!,” writing came to a standstill until today. I found in typing up the paragraph of new material and drawing/coloring the illustration, it was a bit therapeutic to do something with such a sense of normalcy to it. But life is a downright snippy little hussy sometimes. Shortly after getting both done (and thankfully saved to my flash-drive), the laptop I was working started giving hard drive failure warnings and the blue screen of death. So, two things are certain now: we will never have have another indoor/outdoor kitty again and it looks like we’ll be in the market for a new laptop. That being said, I’m ever so proud of my over-a-decade-old desktop for being more than a giant paperweight for once.


The disgruntled growl of a zombie being denied its meal jerked Seth’s attention back to Simone. While Nancy’s defense method still heavily involved bopping the hungry foes on their heads, she continued playing tag and finally managed to get Lucas a few feet from the other zombie giving chase. Simone reached into her shoulder bag and pulled out what Seth first thought must be some sort of pink and purple monster to her aid. Coming closer, he realized the monster was actually a silk scarf and probably a pretty expensive one. Even given the dire situation before him, Seth couldn’t help admiring the handiwork of the garment – until Simone shoved a good portion of it into her brother’s mouth and jumped around behind him to tie the ends together. This was clearly not a part of her wardrobe she intended to wear again.


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