Once Upon a Time – Chap. 30.1

When we left off just over a month ago, Sylvia learned tea time can sometimes turn you into a vampire if you have the right cookies on hand while Ian found himself in dire need of using the fighting skills he just learned from Vandalarius and Albert – against them. As V tries to keep both Albert and himself from devouring dear Ian before help arrives, here’s how things are going for Seth and his new friends on their journey (quick note: for whatever reason, WordPress is being very anti-ComicSans right now so the story text is regular ‘ol Times New Roman this time):


“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we’re missing it!” Nancy kicked at the ground. “Can’t we stop and at least look for some berries or something?”

Seth and Simone stopped to scowl at the disgruntled man for what seemed the hundredth time, turning almost in unison to face him. The complaining began before they left Simone’s house just after sunrise and had been nonstop since.

“I offered you some of my leftover stew from last night and you said you didn’t want it,” reminded Simone.

“You can’t eat stew for breakfast! It has to be eggs and sausage or pancakes and syrup or, oh, oh!” Nancy fell down his knees, closing his eyes as if imagining an overladen plate in front of him. “I could really go for some pancakes right now!”

“Well,” Seth turned back on the dirt path they traveled, “good luck with that. I’m dealing with the supernatural hunger of being a zombie but you don’t hear me yapping about not eating.”

“You said you thought we were getting close to the City of Fools an hour ago!” Nancy shouted from his spot on the ground. “How much further!”

“I’ve never gone from Simone’s house to there so I don’t know exactly, okay?” Seth shrugged. “I’m just using my memory from going to the Keepers’ castle and the sun’s position to make sure we stay in the right direction.” He rolled his eyes at the trees lining the path. “Trying to use the sun anyway, all these blasted things on either side of us isn’t helping.”

“I’ve gone on this road a couple times before,” said Simone, leaving the hungry henchman behind to walk side by side with Seth again. “There should be another clearing coming up soon. It has a pretty big hill too from what I remember and you can bet Mr. Grumpypants will love that.”

“Aren’t you guys going to wait for me?” whined Nancy behind them.

Seth and Simone spoke as one voice. “Nope.”

A little while later the trees gave way to Simone’s clearing and, sure enough, the foot of a behemoth hill greeted them. The hill itself quickly proved to be the least of their problems as five staggering travelers making their way down crested its top.

“Little early in the morning to have seen the bottom of a bottle already, isn’t it?” Simone shook her head with disapproval at the lot.

“I don’t think they’re full of ale or mead.” Seth squinted his eyes at the one who appeared to be leading the pack. “And I’m certain that middle fellow didn’t buy his green shirt with blood stains all over the sleeves.” He turned to Simone. “Looks like your loud pellet machine is about to come in handy again.”

As Simone started retrieving the gun from her bag, Nancy finally rejoined them.

“Nancy, my friend, I have good news and bad news for you,” said Seth.

“Yeah? What?”

“The good news is you’re no longer the only one worried about grabbing breakfast.” Seth stepped over so the henchman could clearly see the zombies coming down the hill to meet them. “The bad news is if Simone’s aim isn’t good, you might end up becoming breakfast.”

“Then why isn’t she aiming at them already!” Nancy crouched down into a ball as though this would somehow make him invisible.

“What? She is aiming.” Seth turned back to Simone to find her staring at the approaching menace with her gun barely clutched in a pale hand at the side. “Eh, Simone, why aren’t you aiming?”

“The one with the messed up sleeves,” Simone took a few steps towards the zombies and pointed at the blond man in the middle, “now that he’s closer I recognize him.” She dropped her weapon and started marching up the hill. “That’s my brother Lucas.”



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