Oh My, How Time Flies and Water Flows!

My husband and I live on the bottom floor of our condo building and, for the most part, this has been a great thing. It means being able to pretend we have our own backyard (as opposed to looking down upon the communal grass and trees shared by our building’s 11 other units). It means I don’t have to worry about either of the cats taking skydiving lessons out the window or off the porch (and since one of them is both bold and has no concept of anything other than first floor living, I daresay she would). But the downside is when your top floor neighbor directly above your abode starts having leaky hot water heater issues, you are unfortunately prone to feeling their pain. Rather, having their pain pour down into your laundry room and soak into the hallway carpet.  I am immensely glad my husband chose to buy a carpet cleaner a few months back because it worked wonderfully as a shop-vac. I’m less immensely glad that he tried to record video of me and the cats running after a chipmunk through the living room until I chased it out the open door. Needless to say Thursday was not boring in the least.

And speaking of days and hence of time, wow, here we are in May! And yes, we are absolutely going to be starting back up with the Once Upon a Time snippets this month. Now my original plan was to start this coming Sunday but life has beckoned I push that to May 11th. By that time, I expect everything will be completely dry, chipmunk free, and ready to ride on where we left off.

I promised I would give an update on how the novel is coming: I’ve murdered a few more darlings that would have kept the ship from sailing if I kept them aboard. I turned a two dimensional character that was too important for the chop into a rather opinionated and somewhat ballsy masochist; she’s much more interesting to chat with now. I’ve re-written and crafted whole new scenes to help you warm up to one of my protagonists. Normally making a likeable main character is easy but not so much when that same character is an alien research scientist working at a facility where people are experimented on. (He’s a nice guy, really). All in all, there’s been some high and low points but we’re coming along. Going back to getting up at 5:30 each morning has helped though, since I’m not actually a morning person, that part has been a little painful. Still, it’s much less painful than not making progress so I’ll continue to get up before the sun if that’s what it takes.

Not surprisingly, this week has also taught me that getting up crazy early is also less frustrating than collecting tea-colored water in buckets from the ceiling and chasing rodents.

See everyone on the 11th!


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  1. Great seeing you back to blogging, Julie! Also, I wake up at 5 AM every morning, including weekends. I find I get so much done when everyone’s still asleep and the house is quiet. If you can do it, keep up the time schedule. Life is so much different when you’re awake with the birds in the mornings!

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