Once Upon a Time – Chap. 29.3

Once upon a time when I was in college, one of the fluffy fun classes I took (to shed stress from in the ones  kicking my butt) was a course on bookmaking.  Though my sieve of a memory retains little practical knowledge from that semester, I do remember totally rocking it on all the projects our instructor dished out. Until the last one. The final project that was supposed to be our absolute best. When that final project came around, I had a plethora of other finals in everything else (was I taking 18 credit hours at the time? Can’t remember). And when it came to choosing if I should give more sleep deprived attention to things like the chemistry exam I needed to pass or warm fuzzy knowledge about bookmaking, you can guess which priority took a backseat. Needless to say, my final bookmaking project sucked, sucked, sucked. I literally finished putting it together in my dorm room mere minutes before I had to run out the door and present my atrocity.

So where am I going with this you ask.  Well, two things the above experience and college in general taught me: 1) I need deadlines to finish anything and 2) too many plates spinning in the air will only mean one of them eventually falls.  I’ve mentioned in a couple previous posts that I’m working on the final editing for my novel Future Memories: Prelude. The ongoing, never ending “final” editing.  So not long ago, I gave myself Summer 2014 as my “stick a fork in it already”  deadline for having all final tweaking done. Pencils down, turn in your tests. With Spring now here, there’s still a lot (a lot, a lot, a lot) of ironing out to do before that deadline. Now, I don’t plan to stop things here entirely until summer but  I do need to give more focus to FM than I’ve been able to. What I’m looking at is taking April off entirely from blog land and coming back in the beginning of May. That first May post will be a conclusion of our snippets but I’ll also give an update on where things stand with the novel deadline. Really, this break will be about the same as the pause we took just before the holidays and since I only post on Sundays, I think it’ll pass pretty quick without us missing a beat. But it is a very much needed break – the alternative would be to have one of the stories become my chemistry exam and the other my doomed bookmaking project. And that just ain’t going to happen.

But enough of that monologue – you know I would never mention the word “break” without having a snippet ready before we part ways for a bit! And soooo….


Ian darted his eyes from the vampire and zombie fighting hunger pains in front of him to Trevor still kneeling beside him, the latter of which would likely fare badly in a real struggle against the other two. “But it’s okay because we just need to get me to a hospital. There is a hospital nearby, right?”

“That depends,” said V, trying to look everywhere except the leg wound spilling out what he dared not give too much thought about just a few feet away. “What’s a hospital?”

Ian’s face became several shades paler. “Eh, it’s a building where the sick and injured go to see people called doctors and nurses? You know, people trained in how to heal them so they can get better?”

“Ah yes!” Albert momentarily overcame his undead hunger, raising a finger in the air with an excited nod. “Father wrote about such a place in his journal about the world he came from! Truly a marvelous idea, to have a structure entirely devoted to healing!” The nod shifted to a slow side to side shake while the arm with the pointed finger dropped down. “I’m afraid we have no such facility in these lands.”

Ian let out a loud gulp. “Okay then, what do you do in these lands when someone has a sword sticking through their leg?”

“We need to get some leeches,” suggested Trevor, standing to his feet.

“No, Trevor, you only use leeches when someone’s humours are out of balance,” scolded Albert with a wave toward the delectable leg. “We need to get something to cleanse and treat the wound itself.” The zombie turned to V. “I presume you have vinegar and mint somewhere in the castle kitchen?”

Vinegar and mint?” Ian echoed with a quiver in his voice. “You really do plan to eat me!”

“No one’s eating anyone, Ian, calm down.” V patted the air with his hand while still looking away from him and trying to cover his nose. “Yes, but it would be better for one of us to alert Gwendoloena. She can likely heal him like these doctor people he speaks of.”

“I’ll go get her!” Trevor apparently nominated himself as the one to fetch help, sprinting toward the castle.

“No, Trevor wait!” V started after him but immediately ceased his chase since doing so meant he would need to pass by Ian. “Let Albert or myself go, you’re the only one who can get close to Ian without possibly harming him more!” He let out a defeated sigh, watching the running man disappear past the main gates. “Wonderful, just wonderful.”

“V!” Ian screamed the one syllable version everyone used for the vampire’s name as though his life depended on it. From the looks of Albert’s hunger crazed prowl toward him, it looked like it just might.

“Wonderful,” repeated V with even greater lament than before. Taking a final breath before pinching his nostrils again, he jumped between the zombie and food. Ian, he quickly reminded himself, Ian.  Not food.

It appeared this had become a very, very  bad day to skip breakfast.


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