Once Upon a Time – Chap. 28.1

Yes, another short snippet. Very short this time and for that I apologize. But a sick cat (praise God now on the mend), cleaning the condo like the neurotic madwoman I am so landlord could check a wet spot in the wall, and other exciting adventures in life left little time for writing this week. But there’s always time for cookies!


The most difficult aspect of becoming a vampire is deciding which flavor tea you prefer. At least, this summed up Sylvia’s experience thus far as she sat across from Gwendoloena in the sun room at an oval table covered with white lace linen. The Queen offered a bounty of choices, including chamomile, strawberry, and several exotic spices Sylvia’s nose couldn’t quite discern. She ended up going with peppermint; Gwendoloena chose a wonderfully fragrant peach. Watching this centuries-old woman carefully fill two porcelain cups with little pink flowers on either side, Sylvia half expected her overstuffed teddy bear from childhood to join them at this strangest of tea parties.

Would you like sugar, Sylvia?” Gwendoloena asked while setting the steaming tea pot back on its plate.

Sylvia stared at the cup, still slightly dazed by how unsupernatural becoming a supernatural creature could be. “Um, no. Thank you.”

The Queen slid one of the cups toward her and lifted a dessert plate bearing matching flowers; two sugar cookies in its center. “Take just one for now.”


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  1. Love the new spin on becoming a vampire. Much more civilised and not so bloody ;D

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