Once Upon a Time – Chap. 27.7


So let me see if I’ve got this right,” said Simone, counting off on her fingers. “You’re journeying to see a bunch of vampires, a magician, and a zombie inventor named Albert. But you have to get there by a certain time or else,” she wiggled her next-in-line finger at them, “birds die. Birds, really, birds?”

Seth handed the book back to her. “They were once people. Nancy’s friends, whom I’m obligated to obey at the moment, turned them into birds. They also set a tight schedule to the completion of my task.”

She rose a brow. “Which is?”

Seth sighed and crossed his arms. “Sorry, can’t tell you that.”

The other brow joined it’s partner. “Because?”

You’d most likely shoot me or chop my head off if I told you. But I can tell you that if you do anything to stop me,” he darted his eyes at Nancy, “or supposedly even harm him, you’ll be putting those birds, those people at risk.”

No sense in me doing that now is there?” Simone tucked the book under her arm. “Okay, here’s the plan then. You,” she nodded at Nancy, “get yourself started on fixing my door you tore down.” She reached into the closet to retrieve her gun. “I’ll catch some sleep upstairs, you two stay down here and in the morning we head out.”

We?” Nancy’s voice elevated to nearly the same level as when he learned about the threat of mice. “Oh no, not we. Seth and I depart alone.”

You’ve piqued my interest too much for me to just stay home and send you on your way.” Simone rested the gun over her shoulder and nodded at the book. “Besides, how else am I going to give this Albert guy his journal back?”

We can take the worthless book to him ourselves,” argued Nancy. He rushed back up to being uncomfortably close to Seth again. “She’s not coming with us! She’s not and don’t you dare think otherwise you walking bag of maggots!”

Without letting another second pass, Seth lunged at the nuisance. Unlike his mock attacks before, this time he clamped down on the henchman’s neck. Fortunately for Nancy, the thick blanket of material comprising his cloak protected against any actual chopping.

No, no, you can’t eat me!” Nancy flailed his arms, pushing Seth away. This only resulted in the zombie moving a few inches further while Seth’s teeth steadily ripped a hole in the fabric. Nancy gawked at his left hand, now partly covered in congealed and unsavory zombie bits while his attacker snapped at the unguarded right. Nancy’s cloak rescued him again when only a sleeve became the monster’s next victim, though his screams reached new octaves while he tried to jerk free. “No, you can’t, I have to stay alive or the Keepers won’t be happy!”

Seth let go and allowed Nancy to flee away to the base of the stairs. He spit his mouthful of cloak at him. “And I won’t be happy if Simone doesn’t come with us. Besides, I’m not entirely convinced your safety is as important to Keepers as you make it out to be. But there are two things which do hold certainty.” He stomped forward, causing the henchman to hop up a step. “I don’t have to sleep, you do, and Simone has good aim with that pellet shooting machine of hers. Keep those things in mind for the remainder of our time together.”

The pellet shooting machine!” Nancy whirled around on the step to face Simone, who stood just a few feet away with the gun still slumped over her shoulder. “That’s right, you had that thing in your hands the whole time he tried to eat me! Why didn’t you do something!”

Well, to be honest, Nancy,” Simone glanced down at her gun and gave him a lazy shrug, “I don’t really like you that much.” She bounced her eyes back and forth between him and Seth. “Okay, so I’m going to bed and it looks like you two need to work on mending your friendship before we leave tomorrow.”

Thank you again for your gracious hospitality, Simone,” called out Seth as she started making her way toward the stairs. His tone changed from cheerful to foreboding, glaring at Nancy again. “Pleasant dreams.”

Yep, and you kids have a fun little slumber party now.” She winked at the henchman with a trembling lip on her way up. “Don’t let the bed bugs bite.”



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  1. I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but if I have I’ll say it again. Your dialog is awesome. It’s fun, revealing and incredibly playful. I’ve always loved it and always will!

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